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Special to ACSA, 4/07/2003:  Hussein Sons, said to be in charge of Hussein regime, and either a Saddam double, or Saddam Hussein himself, blasted by Allied B1B bomber using four 2,000 lb. Bunker Busting Bombs while meeting with nearly 30-50 Regime and Ba'ath Military Leaders at special Underground Restaurant with camouflaged underground Military Meeting Ampitheater within a Residential Area of Al Mansour, Southwest Baghdad, around 3:00 PM today. Government said to have rebuilt it's facilities to coexist within residential areas using underground designs built by German contractors over past three years, so as to draw fire on civilians during military conflict, for propaganda purposes.

   4/07/2003  /   New York City, NY, USA (ACSA NEWS Special Reports)
   For copies and confirmation: http://acsa.net and/or 908-931-1390

According to senior military officials, Saddam Hussein's Sons, and perhaps Saddam Hussein himself, were meeting in a Bunker Restaurant in the Al Mansour residential area of Southwest Baghdad, Iraq today at 3:00 AM in the morning, where they may have, along with 50 other Ba'ath Military leaders of the Iraqi Government, met their demise in the form of 4 Bunker Buster Bombs 2000 lbs.  It is not known or may it ever be fully known exactly which leaders and which of the surviving Hussein regime family leadership were congregated. Even one of those bombs does not leave much behind.  A huge crater is all that is left of the restaurant and the building behind it.  Ground based intelligence reports at 1:00 PM through 8:00 PM in the evening, plus special forces surveillance and unmanned aircraft surveillance confirmed the meeting which took place among nearly 50 leaders of the Hussein regime, and Saddam's family.  As a result of the surveillance, ground Intel, and local confirmation on the ground by 'intelligence leaks', Centcom called for a B1B attack on short notice to strike this "Target of Opportunity".  Information released this evening at 10:00 EDT, is gradually getting the story to the public.

Centcom and Pentagon officials are being guardedly optimistic and careful about exactly who was in attendance, as (see below) it had been thought that Saddam Hussein was killed in a raid on 3/19/2003 that preceded the ground invasion of Iraq by Allied Coalition forces on 3/20/2003.  Even if Saddam himself had been killed, it became clear that the "head of the snake", the sons of Saddam Hussein would not reveal this information to the public, and would continue to operate the Saddam Hussein regime even if Saddam himself had been killed on 3/19. But, good intelligence was obtained late in the day, and at a middle of the night secret meeting that took place in the Al Mansour residential area, the Coalition forces struck.

And so, tonight, word that either Saddam and his two sons, who run the brutal Iraqi regime, or simply, his sons, along with 40-50 other of the senior Ba'ath Party Military Leadership of the Iraqi regime, were definitely meeting in the residential area restaurant when the B1B guided GPS or Laser guided four 2000 lb bunker buster bombs directly into the target, killing everyone present... including 30 intelligence officials. 

The shock of the explosion was so loud, residents in the area believed their homes were under attack, near 14th and Ramadan Streets.  Smoke and debris was everywhere, and many people in the area were injured in the immediate area, unfortunately, collateral to the strike on Saddam's leadership.

Pictures and story are now being carried on US Television and Arabic Television simultaneously, with utmost attention being paid to accuracy of the story, and it is believed that that, plus intelligence chatter, is now confirming the destruction of the leadership of the Iraqi government.  The US Military says that it had more than just "good intelligence" on which to base the attack, and has since stated that it is convinced that whoever was at the secret enclave, is now dead.

Military reasoning behind the attack, was to sever the head of the Regime from it's body, in order to save the lives of the remaining Iraqi Republican Guard and Army Regulars, thousand upon thousand of whom have been killed in an military action in which they are badly outmatched by their Allied Coalition opposition, and in order to prevent further collateral damage to civilians whom the Allied Coalition had been undertaking every possible means to safeguard the lives of.

MORE as this story unfolds.

The following is the story of the original surprise attack which it had been claimed, by a Russian Contractor, that Saddam Hussein and possibly one of his sons, had already been killed in a prior surprise attack.

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Special to the ACSA, 3/24/2003: Saddam's death confirmed by Russian contractor present beneath Baghdad in super-secret underground "FT. SADDAM" 3/19/2003

Special report quotes authoritative, confidential source as saying: Saddam Hussein and one other Military Leader of Iraq are dead, reportedly killed during a surprise bombing assault by Nighthawk Stealth Fighter Bombers on 3/19/2003 while attending a planning session in Baghdad.  Son Qusay Hussein Al'Tikriti said to continue on as sole military / political leader of his late father's regime...

   3/24/2003  /   New York City, NY, USA (ACSA NEWS Special Reports)
   For copies and confirmation: http://acsa.net and/or 908-931-1390

Saddam Hussein

Said to be deceased
as of 3/19/2003

Qusay Hussein Al'Tikriti

Sworn in as Iraqi 
President 3/19/2003
said to be deceased
as of 4/7/2003

The ACSA has received EXCLUSIVE reports from an authoritative source from Baghdad, the Iraqi capital.  The reports come from an employee of a private telecomm contractor, a business Member of the ACSA from Russia, a contractor who was in Baghdad at the very time of Hussein's alleged death Wednesday March 19th, 2003.  The contractor indicated that he has been providing communications services to the information ministry, a component of the regime of Saddam Hussein, in an undisclosed underground facility known as "FORT SADDAM".  

The source, whose name is being withheld, and who is currently heading towards Amman, Jordan on his way back to St. Petersburg, Russia, indicated:

  • SADDAM DIES IN SURPRISE BOMBER ATTACK 3/19: After last Wednesday's surprise bombing attack by Allied Coalition Bombers, which was directed at "a Target of Opportunity":  a meeting that was attended by several members of Saddam's military, including Saddam's sons and Saddam Hussein himself, Saddam was said to have been "mortally wounded and near death" by debris knocked loose by the bunker busting ordinance used by the Allies. The damage to the bunker was so substantial, and Saddam's consequential wounds to significant, that Saddam was taken way "in a panic" for immediate surgery. The source indicated Saddam subsequently succumbed to his injuries, some time within 2 hours of the surprise attack.

  • DOCTORS WORK FRANTICALLY BUT CAN'T SAVE HUSSEIN 3/19: According to the source: Saddam was taken away from the collapsed Bunker with an oxygen mask over his face and an intravenous line, unconscious, bloody and unresponsive.  He was conveyed onto an emergency gurney by rescue workers and then taken by Ambulance to a special underground facility.  The facility, with entries not far from the Saddam Peace Palace, is a special Iraqi Government usage underground subterranean command center that had been set up for emergency use by Hussein to fend off future bombing attacks.  The center was developed through conversion of a canceled Baghdad Subway project some 3-5 years ago, by European contractors to the Hussein regime.  

  • INSIDE FORT SADDAM: A DEEP UNDERGROUND CITY UNDER THE CITY, AT THE TIME OF SADDAM'S DEATH 3/19: The confidential source described the Iraqi facility, so-called: "FORT SADDAM", as an underground defense center for use as a "wartime emergency capital and defense nerve center".  Comprised of a network of self-contained command bunkers buried deeply beneath Baghdad below other surface bunkers, it is thought to be capable of withstanding ordinary Allied Coalition bombing.  Within it, he stated, are stored Chemical and Biological Weapons systems, an emergency Hospital for treatment of the Leadership of Iraq and their families, living accommodations with purified air, emergency command centers and sophisticated, Russian equipped Radio and Comm. rooms, WMD containment and storage centers, and other facilities aimed at providing for a wartime Iraqi government to direct it's attacks on other nations.  Parts of the center are said to be "armored" against Nuclear attack and fallout, in case a distant government tries to "shoot back". An armored private rail-line links several such disparate subterranean facilities of this "underground city", making it possible for Iraqi Government officials to quickly travel to other parts of FORT SADDAM while escaping surveillance from Allied Coalition airborne surveillance equipment.  The source indicates that some of FORT SADDAM had been "damaged, badly" by the continuous pounding of Allied Coalition Bombers during the past five days.  CBS News Article confirms existence of "FT. SADDAM" >

  • OUR SOURCE RISKED HIS LIFE TO CONTACT US 3/23: The source, who contacted ACSA by undisclosed means directly from Baghdad, (his identity is being kept anonymous), is a provider of specialized communications technology manufactured in his homeland of Russia.  The technology sold to Saddam's regime is used to connect together a network of such subterranean command centers, tunnels, weapons storage, and logistical facilities situated beneath Baghdad, inside the facility known as "FORT SADDAM".  When assigned to it, the contractor (one of only three outsiders to recently be allowed inside of or near it) described that the Hussein Regime indicated the underground facility was built to 'defend against aggression from the West', and 'to protect and hide a growing inventory of chemical, biological and nuclear materials intended for use as weapons' according to the source.

  • BRUTAL QUSAY HUSSEIN AL-TIKRITI, THE YOUNGER SON, SWORN IN 3/19: According to his report: upon Saddam Hussein's unconscious body arriving at Ft. Saddam, doctors tried vainly to save Saddam's life. However within two hours of the attack, Saddam Hussein was pronounced dead of brain damage, cerebral blood loss and other complications (a large piece of the bunker had fallen on him and lacerated his skull and brain pan). At a brief ceremony, his youngest son, Qusay Hussein Al-Tikriti, age 33, was sworn in as the sole Commander in Chief and President of Iraq by the Government Ministry responsible. 

  • DOUBLES AND PRE-RECORDED STATEMENTS USED TO MAINTAIN "APPEARANCES" 3/20:  According to the confidential source, one of Saddam's four doubles was secretly appointed "maintainer of the Regime's appearances" for the duration of the war: he appeared on Baghdad TV in a frantically prepared hastily steno'd propaganda piece that was broadcast to reassure the Iraqi Military that the leader was supposedly not dead, so as to continue to reinforce the sense of penalties for opposing the will of Saddam Hussein publicly, on the part of both the Iraqi People, and most importantly, the Republican Guard, many of whom are of wavering loyalties.  

  • KEEPING AN IRON GRIP OF TERROR OVER REPUBLICAN GUARD AND SHIITE AND OTHER IRAQIS A PRIORITY 3/21: Our source indicated that it is not clear if Qusay will allow this "Saddam Double", who is the closest to the late Saddam Hussein's in age and appearance, to "break out of roll any time soon". Nor does the source believe that the public will come to know of Saddam's death in the near future, either.  Reportedly, for Qusay, who previously ran all of Iraq's Intelligence Service operations, the continuing figure head appearance of Saddam Hussein is an imperative security mandate: essential to maintaining the power base his father had built over the Iraqi Military, and the oppressive fist of aggression and torturous penalty that by constantly hanging over them, had successfully kept the People of Iraq, and other tribal peoples in that region, fearful of even the mildest dissenting viewpoint, in public, for fear of torture or assassination (or worse).

  • OTHER LEADERS SWORN TO SECRECY UNDER PENALTY OF SWIFT PAINFUL DEATH 3/19:  According to the confidential source: members of the ruling leadership have been sworn to secrecy as to Saddam's death and future government publicity.  Reportedly, various pre-recorded TV videos have been prepared for constant airing during the conflict with Coalition Allies in Iraq, some with the actual now deceased Saddam, others which were filmed with one of four Saddam "doubles". 

  • QUSAY ORDERS REPUBLICAN GUARD TO BE ISSUED GAS MASKS AND CHEM. SUITS IN ANTICIPATION FO HIS DEPLOYMENT OF ILLEGAL CHEMICAL AND BIO WEAPONS AGAINST COALITION TROOPS 3/23: Further information indicated that Qusay Hussein has foresworn use of Chemical or Bio Weapons against the Allied Coalition "until the last moment" due to the admission of guilt that this would represent before the United Nations.  According to the source, vast quantities of Chemical and Bio Toxins manufactured at the now vacant Al Muthanna, Al Fallujah and other Chemical and Bio Warfare Facilities in Northern and Central Iraq, are in storage in the Underground Command Centers beneath Baghdad at Ft. Saddam, protected from traditional bombing methods by their depth. For maps of admitted Chemical and Biological Warfare Manufacturing Sites obtained from the Congressional Reporting Service and the Central Intelligence Agency, please click here: MAPS...>

  • UDAY HUSSEIN MAY BE NO LONGER AN ISSUE 3/19: The Russian contractor source did not indicate who the other member of the Military Leadership was that had been killed, but it was suspected that Uday Hussein, Qusay's older brother, who was confined to a wheelchair after an assassination attempt by a competing political faction (but may actually have been targeted by a family member), may have been the other person killed when the Bunker collapsed by the explosive pressure from bombs and missiles used during the Coalition's surprise attack.  The Contractor indicated that Qusay Hussein had been put "pretty much in charge" of much of the details of day-to-day Iraqi Military Government by Saddam Hussein for the past 24 months, and that the "ruse": to keep the appearances of his father's presence, was something he was not likely to quickly abandon.  


    1.  Qusay Hussein al'Tikriti - youngest son, yet first in line of succession for his father's job:


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    3.  The new leader of the Shiite "Holy Trinity" Imam Ali aspirant Qusay Hussein to be flanked by two new "young lions", Chemical Ali and the Information Minister:  

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    4.  Intelligence Net on Qusay Hussein al'Tikriti (Qosa Husseyn al'Tikriti):

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  • FORT SADDAM THE BEST KEPT IRAQI SECRET, OR NOT?? 3/24: The source indicated that Hussein's information ministry had so carefully safeguarded FORT SADDAM's nature and existence, that since he was one of only three outsiders ever to enter or even know its existence and purposes led him to believe that little if any intelligence chatter would have escaped it and made it's way under the scrutiny of world intelligence organizations, unlike in the case of most circumstances where the leader of a country had succumbed to a surprise bombing attack.  He felt Qusay would play this "intelligence black out" effect to his better advantage.

  • QUSAY HUSSEIN EARNED THE NICKNAME: THE SLAUGHTERER 3/19: The source indicated that Qusay Hussein was considered considerably more ruthless than his father Saddam, and had a personal preference towards combining Terrorism with Chemical and Biological Weapons, and even more aggressive punishment to any Iraqis disloyal to his father.  However, the Contractor felt that Qusay lacked the mental discipline to hold the fragile coalition of loyal leaders to him, the way his father had, and felt that the resulting regime was "not likely to survive for very long", that political aspirants within the government were counting the days before young Qusay was either overthrown or assassinated by one of his own officers. Meanwhile, Qusay and his military intend to use ruse after ruse after ruse to attempt to hassle and harass Allied Coalition Forces, while playing the Public Relations Forums looking for support among other Arabic Nations.

The contractor provided the report on condition of anonymity. Media seeking additional material may email for it or submit requests by phone.

Qusay with late father Saddam in 2002

Qusay sitting at command table in 2002


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