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FREE Membership for Iranians in the ACSA

ACSA's newly announced Iranian citizen membership program will allow Iranian citizens to join the American Computer Science Association Inc., where they learn more about personal computing and the internet, share discussions with North American, South American, Far Eastern and European "web pals" and work towards free self expression and freedom for their homeland.


ACSA (Los Alamos, NM, USA - September 13, 2007 updated September 24, 2007) -- The ACSA announced that effective immediately, it would be accepting membership applications from citizens of Iran "interested in computer science and freedom". The Membership Services unit at ACSA indicated that the current membership of ACSA had voted unanimously to extend membership to all Iranians at no charge. 

Membership will include all present member services and benefits, as well as a free ACSA email address, and recognition for attendance at ACSA's online university of the web, Computer U.

CoChairman Dr. Ed Englebart commented:

"ACSA Membership is FREE for all Iranian citizens.  We do not want the present government nor those operating on its behalf. Membership is available only to citizens of the country not government members. Sadly, in recent years Iran has become a country ruled by a despotic, twisted, distorted, demented neo-Nazi pseudo cleric. Known as "Grand Ayatollah", Ali Khamenei is a delusional man who his government purports to be "the Great Sign of God".  Instead, he is a very misguided Shi'a cleric. Upon simple scrutiny his behavior can be seen as highly improper and violently anti-Islamic as well as anti-American and anti-Israeli.  Despite the fact that his self proclaimed protectees: "Palestinians" who reside in the West Bank and Gaza, are in fact not former residents of the territory of Israel, Khamenei continues to perpetrate the hoax that they were ejected from Israel by the Jews. In fact, the so-called "Paliestinians" are all refugees of Jordan, across the Jordan River.  Decades ago they were ejected from Jordan for siding with the British against the Turks and Saudis.  Khamenei falsely claims that they suffer because of the displacement of millions of Jews from Europe who survived the Holocaust into Israel, when in fact Israeli Jewish populations resided in Israel since the early part of the 20th century and before.  The lands were the original homelands of the Jews, and Jerusalem the capital of that homeland for centuries."

"Nonetheless, as a principal ruse to create a false means to attempt to run the Jews of their homeland, Khamenei directs the ranting and raving of his lapdog, Ahmedinajihad against the Jews, Israel and the Holocaust, often claiming it never happened.  Furthermore, he seeks Arabic backing by perpetuating the FRAUD that Palestinians (of the PLO and El Fata) resided in Israel.  Resenting the return of the surviving Jews of the Holocaust to their historical homeland in Israel, Oil Industry Ownership who had financed the murder of 6 million Jews in Germany, Poland and elsewhere, hoping to finish the job (they fear exposure by the Jews) have continuously pulled Iranian strings to support the false claim that rather than Jordan where they really came forth from, ejected to permanent refugee status by King Abdullah and the Saudi Royal Family when they took control of Jordan (Transjordan) after WWII, the Palestinians were the rightful owners of Israel, a land they never resided in.  This scam that's been perpetrated on the world by the Oil Industry, the Iranians, the terrorists and the Palestinians that they ever had anything to do with the lands of the State of Israel is a crime against the world, perhaps THE BIGGEST LIE IN HISTORY, designed to place the Israelis and their allies in perpetual double jeopardy from the billions of Arabs surrounding them, peoples whom in ancient times had lived in harmony with the Jews of Israel and traded with them amicably as brethren, even inter-married with and shared religious ideologies in peace.

"While Khamenei does not publicly espouse his private directives from the Oil Industry to the public, intelligence gatherers note he plays, through his lapdog, President Ahmedinejihad, a strong hand over Iran's Intelligence service and the Military as well as Iran's Nuclear Weapons Development Program, which he claims does not exist,  Khamenei, using his proxy Ahmedinejihad as a shield, orchestrates Organized Chaos against all targets of the conflict generating and hate polarizing agenda of the Oil Industry's Owners:

  1. Khamenei, blatantly orchestrates Shi'a Islamist terrorist attacks on his neighbor, Iraq. His directives and fatwas are responsible for killing tens of thousands of tribal (Sunni) Iraqis using IED bombs, death squads and insurgency infiltrated into Iran by expendable Islamist recruits trained by the Iranian Savaak at his direction. Any Shi'a Islamic leaders who side with Iraq's government and the American supplied security forces are also targeted for assassination by the Iranian regime.

  2. Khamenei knowingly works in concert with his opposite numbers in Sunni Pakistan, in a coordinated effort to undermine the young Democracies in Iraq and Afghanistan... and to help the Oil Industry Owners who back him in seeking to gain control over Iraq's oil reserves, the 2nd largest in the world, to the detriment of the Iraqi People. The Oil Industry Owners, a wealthy family group from the USA formerly German, are mounting a three pronged attack aimed at dislodging American defensive troops so as to dislodge the Iraqi Petroleum Consortium (mainly Iraqi owned Basra Oil, and Iraqi owned Southern Iraqi Petroleum Company), leaving the Iraqi fields open to plunder by Exxon related businesses with a political agenda opposing that of the Bush Administration who is striving to stabilize Iraq so it can profit and rebuild and develop from its own oil reserves as a unified nation, rather than allow them to fall into the control of a privileged few.  These Oil Industry Owners worship paganism and mysticism, covered by an illegitimate claim to being Christians, which they are not.  They are so fearful of discovery, they have waged a war for a century on Jews, Catholics and Gypsies, who may be more likely to expose their pagan proclivities.  Through their oil wealth, and business wealth, the one family, with nearly 40 Trillion in business assets under their control, hides behind a cloak of many colors while instigating murder on the rest of humanity through fronts like Khamenei and Musharraf and Chavez and Castro and have even invested in Putin's three major oil fields by buying the licensor concessions, so as to bring Putin into their growing fold..

  3. Using a conduit through the Oil Industry Ownership, Khamenei coordinates his lapdog, Ahmedinejihad, to organize Iran's terror war against Iraq and Israel in concert with Sunni Pakistan's ISI (Secret Police) which operates with the blessings of and under General Musharraf, leading to 10's of thousands of murders every month across the region.

  4. The Pakistani ISI is the puppet-master of Al Qaeda and the Taliban (originally organized to secure Heroin Trading Territories for the Vast Pakistani Heroin Refineries). This arrangement facilitates the ruling leader of Pakistan, to covertly direct expendable Islamist operatives to kill tens of thousands of opposing religion (Shi'a) tribal Iraqis and Afghanis, attempting to create the appearance of a Civil War in both nations, with Musharraf's blessing and covert supervision, backed by the Oil Industry Ownership, which is coordinating the assaults by Musharraf's ISI controlled Al Qaeda terrorists, and Khamenei's Savaak controlled cross border terrorists entering Iraq and attacking Israel through Syria and Lebanon. Musharraf and Al Qaeda also target any Sunni Islamic Leaders who side with the Iraqi Government and American Security Forces for assassination.

  5. Literally at the same time Ali Khamenei, using his lap dog, Ahmedinejad, continues a neo-Nazi aggression propaganda campaign against Jews and Christians, in general, and against Israel, America and the West, stirring the pot in the Middle East against all American and British and French and Russian efforts to stabilize the region and bring peace to Islam, Christianity and Judaism there;

  6. Finally, Khamenei, with the help of the same Oil Industry Owners who had attempted to resell Pakistan's nuclear bomb technology to Saddam Hussein during the Food for Oil debacle, is trying to refine enough heavy uranium and plutonium to fuel his Pakistani supplied (but Oil Industry Ownership brokered, with Rockefeller bought propagandists infiltrating the US CIA to plant false tracks between Iran and North Korea to deceive the world about Pakistan and Chinese involvement in Iran's Nuclear Weapons Development programs) nuclear bomb parts, using his alliance with Syria and joint invasion of Lebanon to direct cross border rocket attacks on Israel and supplying weapons and stirring up insurgencies in the Palestinian West Bank and Gaza.

  7. This is all done with careful deliberation by the man, while falsely claiming to be a devout Muslim Grand Ayatollah, engaging in a hypocrisy greater than any false religious leader in recent history.

  8. Khamenei's commitment to the creation of global Chaos is clearly intent upon, in addition to destabilizing Iraq and Afghanistan, Israel and the West Bank/Gaza, openly distracting America from completing its support for Iraq's young democracy to stabilize itself. While undermining Iraq's security and government: Khamenei is quite intent upon spreading a new form of pseudo Islam in the world: 'Intolerislamism', a hate laced pseudo religion bred of violence mongering, proxyism through terror groups, racism, lies and propaganda which in slow motion and deliberation replaces other forms of government with a threatening, God-less, mindless "faith substitute" that is empty of the morality it preaches, empty of the laws of God, and empty of the one thing all religions need: tolerance for others.

  9. As he does so the same cruel concoction of the Oil Industry Ownership, this form of "not-Islam" is being divided down two key Intolerislam lines: False Sunnis and False Shi'as intended to drive conflict between all races, religions, sects, and countries, upping the value of oil, while driving up its price. Simultaneously the Oil Industry Ownership, through its US Domestic operations, continues to pull the strings of moderate and liberal Democrats in Congress and 'on the payroll' republicans, seeking to bash Bush, and undermine America's policy of 'we don't abandon our friends'. Support by the Oil Industry Ownership can even infiltrate the Iraqi and US security forces, leading to incidents intended to enrage Iraqi's and undermine US Iraq relations, like recent incidents involving Blackwater, a security force there.  It is a standard tactic of espionage, to get civilians in the way of responses to attacks, and to instigate shootings from within a security organization, much as was done by the Russians in their infiltration and manipulation of troops to fire on students at Kent State in the 70's.  An enormous emotional response occurs whenever such an event occurs, so espionage from Iran, with advisors from Putin in Russia who are masters of such event manipulation, orchestrated an attack on Blackwater and an overreaction from Blackwater, using two shooters in a crowd, and one corrupted Blackwater employee who misled his personnel to fire at the shooters, hitting human shields all around them, creating a very severe situation that led to massive tension between Al Maliki's government and his protectors, the American Military, over what to do about Blackwater.  Apparently Al Maliki, head of Iraq, is not very schooled on such espionage patterns and practices.  In due course, however, the truth will out in that matter.  As is well known, Blackwater Security employees are open to being corrupted, from the gun smuggling allegations of days ago.

  10. Over the past three months, this pattern of behavior emerging from the Oil Industry Ownership extended to Oil Industry bribery of Russia's leader, Vladimir Putin, in exchange for his nationalizing and selling his three primary commercial oil fields to them right behind the back of the US and its Press - no one seemed to notice - while doing Khameini / Ahmedinijihad emulative saber rattling of his own with bombers and SS-18/SS-21 nuclear warhead bearing missiles. It is this Chaos that Khamenei's, Musharraf's and Putin's puppeteers count on to drive up the price of oil, and driving up demand for it, at the same time, along with other commodities of theirs: munitions, fighters and bombers, technology and the like. 

  11. Ali Khamenei is none but, to the Oil Industry Family Owners: a modern era Hitler. He, with his Goebbels like lapdog, Ahmedinijihad, rules a frightened and oppressed people and tries to rule a continent in a vicious, cruel, and criminal manner that defies the logic of modernity, defies the laws of God and Man, defies anything by threatening anyone he chooses with cross border terrorism, cross border rocket attacks and threats of nuclear attack. His disingenuous stance about Iran's  blatantly obvious nuclear weapons development program is leveraged from the money turned over by Iran's oil fields in a manner that despotically blames everyone else for its own very obvious failings as a government. Khamenei is hiding behind a pseudo religion that violates and is absent the fundamental pinnacles of strength of Islam: religious tolerance, education, family values and moral authority, twisting them into oppression and repression, hate and racism-- Tehran's four principal weapons against everyone else which dare oppose it, with the Oil Industry Owners firmly behind them like good puppet masters.

  12. Insecure that it is in its own foundations, much like General Musharraf in Pakistan, unfit to rule its own people: this Nazi Ali Khamenei (along with his lapdog Ahmedinejihad), a false prophet and a fake cleric, are both on the payroll of Iran's Oil Distribution Concession Holders in the West, and are doing their bidding as they attempt to distract America's support for Iraq. They try by proxy and propaganda to polarize Islam against Israel and America, preying on ignorance, trying simultaneously to help leftist elements and the Oil Industry Ownership right here in the USA push American military support out of Iraq, so that the Oil Industry Owners can deprive Iraq of its oil industry profits, money badly needed to rebuild the nation post Saddam.

  13. All the while Khamenei and Ahmedinijihad use scape-goating and fraud to attempt to propagandize to such an extent as escapes the scrutiny of the Arab world by misdirecting hate and terrorism, and falsely claiming the reverse in all events.  When driving terrorist IED attacks against Iraqi civilians and American/Iraqi combined security forces, he accuses America of being responsible, like the man who committed rape and accused his victim for 'the way she looked, she was just asking for it!'  This common thread of indecency he shares with Musharraf and the Pakistani ISI directing Al Qaeda in Iraq. Their everyday crimes against humanity are fostered by the economic rape of their own societies and the general rape and violent crimes against the Islamic tribes of Iraq and Afghanistan. And yet, they use false claims of being "the Great Sign of God" to attempt to brainwash Muslims everywhere by manipulating their submission to God and to the Prophet Mohammed, so as to attain criminal gain and maintain their elitism and power base."

"In the above light, ACSA has now decided to offer FREE membership in ACSA and tools for growth such as the IRAN Blog, to all Iranian people unaffiliated with the Khamenei / Ahmedinejihad regime."

"We have high hopes of providing the Iranian people a conduit through which they can communicate with others of like interests elsewhere in the world. We hope to be able to reinforce our support for the Iranian People (not the elitist-supremacist neo-Nazi Iranian Government) so they can come to see through the false rhetoric and fake religiosity of these Tehranian Government full of Intolerislamists and their egregious support for terrorism and demented thinking and speaking, staying in touch with the rest of the free world until such time as Khamenei and Ahmedinijihad are brought to justice for crimes against humanity, to wit: against the Iraqi people, their own nation and neighbors, and the Security Forces through a campaign of cross border proxy attacks using suicide and ied bombings, recruitment of terrorist death squads, supply of military ordinance and so forth."

"We have called for all of Islam, during this Holy Month of Ramadan, to consider the ravings and crimes being committed by the false Ayatollah Khamenei and his lapdog Ahmedinejihad in the name of the prophet Mohammed, and consider how every Muslim can help being about change, to end the despotic Intolerislamist regimes of Khamenei/Ahmedinijad (and other regimes which would similarly pervert the word of the prophet for their own elitist benefit and gain of power, having sold their souls to the Oil Industry Ownership so reviled here in the US) so as to bring peace, freedom and prosperity back to the global Islamic community.  We believe it about time for this change, but that only Islam can clean its own house.  To that end we offer free membership so as to provide clear channels of communication with Iran's civilian population, hoping to make it easier for them to bring back a quality of life they are much due and owed, a first step to enabling and facilitating ALL of Islam to purge itself of these Intolerislamist regimes and unite behind their commitment to God and to the true words of their Prophet Mohammed, and be blessed with peace, prosperity and the bounties of life."

ACSA indicated it would be opening up a participatory blog called "ACSA (Iran)" for Iranian civilians to participate in a communications blog online that couldn't be blocked by the Iranian government.  Jane Scheinlicht, webmaster for the ACSA added: "We expect the site to be boycotted by Tehran, but sufficient proxy channels exist that blocking it altogether won't work, furthermore, we'll respond to any attacks from Iran's government on our sites in a legal manner. We may be about Freedom and Tolerance, but we're intolerant of any Foreign Government who tries to interfere with us."

Dr. Englebart indicated that since originally announcing the program of "Freedom to think and join the ACSA for Iranian Citizens", a number of threats had been made to staff and management of the ACSA, the American Computer Science Association.

Dr. Englebart, a globally renowned expert on military intelligence and computer science, formerly an intelligence agent himself where, for a European Government, he developed specialized tools for scientific data mining of historical data, holds five individual PhD's, one originally from University of Hitit, the balance elsewhere in Europe. A world traveler, he speaks 9 foreign languages, including various Arabic dialects and a number of ancient tongues and is considered one of the world's experts on Middle Eastern Political Affairs and the history of the region, with a side interest in antiquities and archeology.

The ACSA WebLog for Iranian Members may be found at: .


THE ACSA WISHES A                         
HAPPY AND HEALTHY                          
RAMADAN TO ALL ITS                          
MUSLIM FRIENDS, RELATIVES                          
AND MEMBERSHIP!                         

  *** September 15, 2007 ***                         



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