Smoker's Lung Cancer has at it's root cause, the nearly exclusive use of Calcium Phosphate-based Fertilizer by Tobacco Growers since 1943.  Not only does the FDA know this, the Big Tobacco Companies have known about it since the late 60's according to their own internal memorandums.  Tobacco Fertilizer in use today has radioactive, poisonous Polonium 210 in it, an isotope which even if smoked in tiny quantities, accumulates damage and mutation to the Lung tissues at a steady rate over 10-30 years, leaving the immune system compromised and giving rise to Tumors.  Most commercial tobacco contains trace amounts of this extremely deadly long term carcinogen, giving smokers almost 3 Chest X-Rays worth of Alpha Radiation, the dangerous kind. directly applied to every pack-a-day smoker's lungs. 

    A simple change to Organic or Ammonium Phosphate-based fertilizer, cleaning up the Growers lots to remove residual Polonium/Bismuth isotope bearing soils, would reduce the deaths from Lung Cancer by as much as 150,000 American lives saved per year.  Why are the Government and Big Tobacco sitting idly by?  Here is a concrete step that could serve to save lives on an interim basis.  We actually received a threatening phone call from Senator Jack Reed's aides claiming we were trying to give Tobacco a good name?  How?  Smokers will die anyway of Emphysema, Heart Disease and other diseases... how does that give Tobacco a "good name", Senator Reed? Why do you stand by and fight a battle that is nearly un-winnable against Big Tobacco, one which eventually Americans will have to undertake to quit themselves of, when you could be moving legislation through Congress to BAN ALL CALCIUM PHOSPHATE-based Fertilizers?  It's also poisoning Foods and Cattle who eat food grown in it, so why don't you take on this one thing that could save 150,000 lives a year once it's cleaned up?  We think you may be being a bit disingenuous in your alleged battle against Big Tobacco. We explore this and other issues about saving 2,000,000-5,000,000 human lives annually, in this unique perspective. READ ON...


 Is poisonous Radioactivity in CIGARETTES the primary cause of Smoker's LUNG CANCER? 

   Is it MURDERING 150,000 AMERICANS every year?  Is it caused by a type of Fertilizer???

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    The American Computer Scientists Association has discovered that ALL Tobacco grown in cheap "Calcium Phosphate Based Fertilizers" (CPFs), which were adopted for Tobacco fertilization in use since the late-1940's, contain sufficient radioactive Polonium 210 isotope in them to be the agent responsible for the nearly 100% tumor (benign and malignant) rate found among almost all smokers, leading to the vast majority of Smoking-related Lung Cancer that occurs in later life.  The rise of Smoker's Lung Cancer in the 50's, 60's and after mirrors the usage of CPFs by the Tobacco Farmers. 

    A glitch in the human bio-physiology allows Nicotine in Cigarettes to promote these cancers by blocking "apoptosis" and "apopto-genesis": that normally removes damaged tissue, replacing it, but in the Lungs of Cigarette Smokers and Passive Smoke victims it is inhibited by Nicotine.  Over 1.5 million people die every year of cigarette smoking related Lung Cancer globally, 150,000 IN AMERICA ALONE. Lung Cancer is a slow, painfully traumatic disease that results in death. 

    It is only marginally treatable by Chemotherapy and further Radiation (which increase the damage to damaged tumor tissue allowing them to die, but also kills healthy tissue and can destroy the immune system).  ACSA is calling for the United States Government to step in and call a halt to "the Smoker's Holocaust". The Fertilizer Industry and the Tobacco Growers must "clean up their act"! and stop murdering the consumer.  Polonium 210 and Bismuth 211 laden Fertilizers must be banned.  Agriculture using it is polluting our environment with Polonium 210, and must be compelled to clean up their land and stop feeding it to livestock and to the human population...  (...more )


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As many as 150,000 American's die of Lung Cancer related to smoking every year, says the Center for Disease Control.  Globally that figure is in the millions.  According to experts among which are the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (formerly the Atomic Energy Commission): Toxic Radioactive Isotope "Polonium 210" has been found in Commercially grown Tobacco.  It is probably the primary cause of Lung Cancer.  It's removal requires Tobacco Growers to switch to a more expensive fertilizer, Ammonium Phosphate-based, or to Organic Fertilizer from animals not fed from livestock feed grown in the radioactive fertilizer which is based on a lava rock derivative: "Calcium Phosphate"...  The Tobacco Growers and Cigarette Industry have been aware of the problem since 1963 but even though the radiation kills so many, they refuse to do anything about it, reportedly!  

This problem is compounded by the fact that American medicine research has ignored the presence of polonium since in the small doses it is found in tobacco, it is not immediately lethal, and since paying attention to it might jeopardize the use of X-Ray Imaging, since it suggests prolonged X-Ray exposure does the same thing to health workers and patients, the Nuclear Medicine and X-Ray industry would be deeply opposed to it's investigation.  Nonetheless, it appears to be the ultimate cause of Lung Cancer.  The National Institute of Health has been sent this document as a Grant Application to test the theory that improper influence has blocked study of the true cause of smoking Lung Cancer, a combination of Tobacco Interests, the global Fertilizer Industry (unwilling to give up a windfall) and the X-Ray Imaging industry standing in it's way.  Nonetheless, because the consequences of smoking represents a CUMULATIVE radiogenic-bioactive Polonium toxicity that gradually produces the tumors, we will continue this program until the cure, elimination of the Calcium Phosphate based fertilizers, is accomplished.  We can not allow business interests from these three indicated sources further misdirect research and further block elimination of this nefarious source of contaminant that is needlessly killing a million and a half Americans every decade!!!  They can all make their profits without the Polonium!

    Enormously important discovery courtesy of member  Polonium 210, a highly dangerous radioactive isotope, has been found in significant quantities and may account for the very high level of Cancer from Smoking.  For a very long time, the 1-2% carcinogenic content of Tobacco has stymied the Medical Profession, it does not account for the nearly 90% rate of Lung Cancer death among Smokers.  However, the Medical Profession has not, according the records of the National Institutes of Health CRISP System, since 1972 (about two years before it became general knowledge that there was Polonium in Tobacco) studied the effects of the much higher level of radiation found in Tobacco, than the general background radiation of our world, much less the effects of distributing that radiation directly to the tissue of the Human Lungs.  While exposure to some amount of radiation is a certainty in the modern world, the direct exposure of the tissue of the lungs to radiation in Tobacco smoke (or even the gasses in smokeless Tobacco), which delivers radioactive Polonium 210 because the Tobacco absorbs it from Polonium 210 bearing Calcium Phosphate-based Fertilizers, may be the explanation for the near 100% rate of varied cancers among smokers found by cancer studies.  

According to the American Cancer Society, almost every Smoker gets tumors, the vast majority who survive other smoking related ailments will develop full Lung Cancer from those tumors, which start out microscopic and gradually expand over the years from repeated exposure to Tobacco smoke from CP fertilized Tobaccos.  From this, one could conclude that  95% of all smokers will develop fatal or near fatal Lung Cancer, if they survive heart disease, emphysema, stroke and other byproducts of the aging effects of smoking.  Common sense tells us that the health  hazards of excess Radiation found in what they inhale, enough Polonium 210 daily to deliver between 25 and 75 "millirems" (milli-Rads) of radioactivity, right to Lung Tissue.  The Polonium 210 resides for as much as 300 days in the lungs before decaying through two half lives into what is primarily Lead 210, a stable isotope of Lead, which is also a carcinogen.  The body's normal process of cleansing damaged, mutated cells: which ordinarily would die and be replaced once sufficiently irradiated by Polonium 210 to sustain damage.  This cleansing process,  over the course of a smoker's life, is inhibited by certain "natural cellular death" inhibiting agents in Tobacco, particularly Nicotine, which process enhances the mutation by the radiation from the steady inhaling of Polonium 210 and other carcinogens, by promoting continued life in the damaged mutated tissues that result.  This, over the course of several decades allow the accumulation of sufficient mutated cells in the Lungs to promote tumor growth and the development of full blown Lung Cancer.  This leads to death, eventually, as the Lungs fail to clear out and replace these mutated tissues.




     The solution appears to be: (a) reduction and/or total elimination of the Polonium 210 originated  Radiation content of the tobacco, by changing to a new fertilizer that has no Polonium 210 in it, such as Ammonium Phosphate; or pre-processing of the existing fertilizer to render it Polonium free (topsoil at the Tobacco Forms will have to be replaced, it has 50 years of accumulated use of Calcium Phosphate, the dangerous fertilizer!), and (b) finding a means to put an end to the repression of the  natural process of "cellular death" and replacement, which is called "apoptosis", a natural, genetically triggered phenomenon used by the body to cleanse itself of damaged cells, which we have learned is repressed by Nicotine and other factors related to the irradiation to such a degree that Smokers get cancer.  These two steps  might result in the massive reduction to Lung Cancer among Smokers of, well, nearly all of it over the next few decades.  Therapies for smokers that help their bodies cleanse of tissue damaged by the remaining radiation in the environment, such as increasing minerals like  Zinc in their diet, could enhance this process.  Existing sufferers will have to be treated in the normal way for Lung Cancer, unfortunately, but new Lung Cancer among Smokers should drastically decline.   ONE IMPORTANT NOTE: There does not appear to be a way to manufacture a "safe" and "clean" cigarette, it does not seem at all likely.  Smokers would still face the other consequences: heart disease, asthma, emphysema, stroke, genetic damage, oxygen reduction, capillary damage, increase in carbon monoxide, brain degeneration and rapidly advanced aging, all of which are also associated with Smoking and lead to a lot of other negative health consequences.  However, at least the Lung Cancer cause could be interdicted, saving hundreds of thousands, even millions of lives every year and untold suffering and economic damage.


     At the present moment, no efforts are underway to reduce the amount of radioactive material accumulating in the plant tissues of the Tobacco begin grown anywhere in the world, nor to interdict the effects caused by Nicotine that leave the damaged tissues irradiated by the Polonium alive in the Smoker's Lungs to thrive long enough to develop into Systemic Lung Cancer tumors.  Doctors have theorized that reducing both elements, the irradiation by the Polonium and the interference with the "apoptosis" immune reaction by Nicotine, might drastically cut back the incidence of Cancer among smokers to almost zero.   ACSA favors a reduction in the radioactive Polonium in Tobacco voluntarily by all tobacco producers, through careful screening of farming processes and post processing of the Tobacco leaf.  ACSA does NOT condone smoking, on account of it's extremely lethal consequences.  We are looking at ways to decrease the incidence of Cancer among smokers, whose lives we have the utmost hopes for as research bears more accurate ways of determining the root cause of a particular disease.  ACSA favors Tobacco Companies taking the next two decades and finding other ways to make money, so that they can gradually phase out Tobacco production in deference to the health impact on consumers... which has resulted in an enormous burden on Insurance Providers, Medical Institutions and the death of the Smokers themselves.



a) Get the Fertilizer Industry to withdraw the Calcium Phosphate based Fertilizer from all Agriculture Usage until it can be made Polonium 210 (and other enhanced radiation sources) FREE. More than just Tobacco is effected, use in the production of food, livestock feed, and runoff into the Aquifer, Rivers and Lakes, is increasing the toxicity of the environment in a negative fashion, leading to radiation in water, food and animals.

b) Get the Tobacco Industry to stop using Calcium Phosphate.  This may require REGULATORY activities by the US Government.

c)  Inspire the NIH, NSF, the Insurance Industry and the Pharmaceutical and Vitamin industries to fund research and development of means to 1. reduce the interference in "Apoptosis" (the natural death/replacement cycle found in certain subsystems of the human physiology) without:   2. simultaneously enhancing the effects of retroviruses such as AIDS and prion related infections such as CJD, that appear to capitalize on the FASL exchange mechanism, leading to destruction of the CD4+ Helper T Cell population, and providing: 3. therapies and protocols aimed at stimulating the body's natural resistance to the consequences of Radiation whether smoked, inhaled passively, or found in other resources such as food, air and water.

d) Convince the NIH, NSF, Insurance and Pharmaceutical Industries to encourage the growth of anti-Cancer and anti-Aging Life Styles, including unregulated insurance industry sponsored adoption of medical and nutrient protocols which are life prolonging and anti-cancer, anti-obesity oriented, and which support better quality and length of life, and study the effects and document the life prolonging contribution such nutrient, healthy diet and vitamin oriented protocols can and do provide.  

This last area is a controversial subject relating to the regulation vs. deregulation of vitamin supplements, as well as the delicate subject of what could be leading to the overall health deterioration (both mental and physical) among teenagers, in general.  ACSA favors continued DEREGULATION, as well as increased INSURANCE SUPPORT for vitamin and mineral supplement use. We wish Medical Practitioners to adopt policies that lead to greater sharing of documentation of effective protocols that have been beneficial among them, so that they can be used by the growing industry in Medical Anti-Aging, and the Anti-Cancer, Cancer Treatment and Anti-Obesity Industries.  


ACSA believes the average American diet both atrocious (overly laden with FATS, CARBOHYDRATES, TOXINS, SUGARS, SUB-STANDARD PROTEIN SOURCES, and CHEMICALS OF UNKNOWN BENEFIT AND KNOWN DANGER TO THE HUMAN BODY) and misguided.  For example, the so-called "experts" on Nutrition entertain an 'antiquated' notion that a healthy diet covers "five major food groups" such as is recommended by the AMA.  This notion may be "a bit out of date" speaking understated.  Such an imprecise definition of Nutrition, and the common use of calorie counting, may lead one to the mistaken belief that by serving Hot Dogs, French Fries, and Soda or a Shake in a School Lunchroom, one is practicing good diet.  That is utter travesty.  So are many if not all claims of healthy content made by most of the Processed Food, Dairy, Beef, Snack and Cereal Industry.  Enjoyable food has it's place.  But as the fundamental basis of diet for children, it serves mainly as a comfort addiction, and little else.

ACSA feels that ignorance of the impact from such dietary factors not only causes and contributes to the creation of Columbine High School Tragedies by altering the brain function of Youngsters; it does so by subjecting Youngster's biopsychology to highly addictive and allergenic toxins, bearing and delivering high calorie, high nitrate, high salt, high fat, high sugar, high phosphate, high carbon saturation foods that are imbalanced to their young, growing systems, entirely failing to support their bodies ongoing needs.  Such leads to dysfunction of their metabolisms.  Such damages their young, developing brains and undermines the foundations of it's psychology, including the promotion of extended depression, schizophrenia, hyper-kinetics, autistic-like symptoms, impairment of reasoning and other consequences. 

Such dietary negligence also lead, we believe, to disruption of the immune system, supporting the development of heart disease and cancer, which doesn't make a Smoker's life any safer.  The extremely high rate of covert smoking among Teenagers, coupled to their terrible diet, and periodic use of hallucinogenic and designer drugs ranging from Special K to Ecstasy to Marijuana, has lead to a nationwide deterioration of their mental and physical health, during a time period where coupled with the hormone imbalances of onset Puberty and Menstruation, such causes unbelievable change in their psychological stability and health, actually physically damaging their development.  This, we feel, has lead to Educational Absorption Rate Deficiency, a new disease that results in reduced test scoring on SATs and College Entrance Exams, reduced psychological testing normalcy, lack of motivation, and increased dependency upon group acceptance behavior, leading to widespread rejection of the Educational System, Vocational Training and reducing their life aspirations to 'nil'. 

It has also clearly contributed to the increase in the number of shootings and other violent incidents among Teenagers, including suicide, gang behavior, desensitization and other consequences, each in it's own way contributing harm to their young lives, and altering our future as a nation.  As parents, scientists and political leadership, we have a moral and ethical/professional obligation to safeguard our children, but we are not, instead, we doing about everything we can to harm it, by letting them smoke, feeding them improperly processed foods, junk foods, and not caring for their Nutrition or Health adequately.


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