The Allegedly Dangerous Impact of Landmark Education
(aka est, the Forum, Werner Erhard and Associates)
by general staff writers, ACSF, reprinted by permission
kindly note: this news item does not necessarily express the opinion of the ACSA.

It's been called an "enlightenment movement" and "a discipline for living" by its inventor, Jack Rosenberg (aka Werner Erhard).  His backgrounds in Scientology and Mind Dynamics, led Erhard aka Rosenberg to create a craze movement that members called "the most impactful experience of my life". 

But, what exactly is Landmark?

Founded in the late 1970s as est, Landmark is allegedly an organization that is all about people control and organizational infiltration and manipulation.  Managed by approximately 2500 staff members, Landmark screens the public looking for individuals with assets or influence it can gain control over.  Landmark is not unique as an organization, there are several more which have been quietly created by the people control elements of a shadow like government of super wealthy Americans over the past 25 years.

However, focusing on gaining access to major corporations, stock companies of great value, certain US Government Agencies, and other targets, Landmark infiltrates and manipulates people and organizations for profit for its masters, wealthy families in the USA oriented towards controlling the masses to squeeze every last drop of profit and manageability out of those whom it can gain access to.

Landmark reportedly developed a strategy, called "personal coaching", to allow its extended personnel to manipulate the very lives and thoughts of its graduate population. After completely invading the privacy of the graduate, a personal coach may stay with a graduate for a lifetime, filling his or her head with whatever information it takes to get that person to do whatever Landmark agendas for same.  Such can manipulate an FBI prosecution, a Corporate board meeting or election, even the development of a new technology or other product.  All it takes is a devils advocate coach whispering perpetually in the ear of the graduate working as a Mole inside said organization who believes that voice that guides them to be a friend who would only do what is best for them.

The secret of Landmark is that virtually all of its graduates are its slaves, perennially taking orders from an inner voice whom the graduate believes to be a guardian.  In reality, that personal coach is nothing more than a taskmaster doing that which the network organization of extended coaches within Landmark conveys the coach to accomplish.  To that extent, all graduates with personal coaches are at risk of being sorely misled, misguided and misdirected to the benefit of Landmark's masters.

The Landmark Forum (prev: est Training) is a resistance removing mind snapping experience intended to soften the graduate up to believe he or she can wholly trust Landmark.  Subsequent seminars are used to further soften up resistance and give access to the graduate's mind and person to a personal coach.  Once planted, the graduate is now a walking, talking, robot under control of Landmark.

It's that simple.  In the coming months we will begin exposing Landmark's interference in, among other things, activities in defense of America, the political sector, the FBI, corporate America and so forth, defining where the Moles have been placed, and in some cases who they are.

One of our writers once told Neal Mahoney, one of Werner Erhard's closest confidants, that eventually Landmark would be doomed to exposure.  That time is now.

The author: ACSF is an independent research foundation created by members of the computer industry and has no relationship to ACSA.