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 50 Years from Lawrence Livermore to every desktop: Computer Science has changed the Entire World.



   The Command Post


    "Pakistan's Nuclear Weapons Sale Program as created by President Musharraf (who hides behind a false cloak of Muslim Moderate) requires only that a customer-country have 'what appears to be' a functioning nuclear weapons development program.   The 'Cat and Mouse' game played by Saddam Hussein with UN Weapons inspectors, for instance, provided substantially visible plausible deniability to Pakistan, who in its supply of Nuclear bombs to countries such as North Korea, Iraq, and now, Iran, makes such effort to prevent Pakistan for being blamed when a country launches an attack with it's Pakistani sourced nuclear bombs, 'absolutely mandatory'.

    This explains Iraq's 10 year long effort to convince the world it had an effective WMD program (whether it actually did is less significant than that it intended to make the world BELIEVE it did). It was the final agreement by Pakistan's AQ KHAN to deliver half a dozen nuclear warheads in assemble-able kits to Saddam Hussein, in exchange for a commitment to Pakistan's sponsors in the Oil Industry for a 40% kickback on all Iraqi oil sold to the world after elimination of the UN Sanctions, that forced President Bush to invade Iraq before the exchange ever commensurated. The US even learned that Pakistan knew Saddam would try to deliver Pakistani supplied Nuclear bombs for detonation against Washington and New York, and that the Pakistani ISI planned to hide A Q Khan against any effort by the USA to extradite him for crimes against Humanity in that eventuality."

    "The successful use by Hussein maintaining 'the appearances of a fully functioning WMD program', spread virulently around the globe by the Rockefeller Oil buyers of Iraq's oil, seeking that 40% discount, and by Senator Rockefeller and the enormous Oil influenced media for 10 years prior to 2001, that was sufficient basis, Musharraf believed, to justify Pakistan's sale of Nukes to Iraq.  Yet, it was something no President should have ever allowed, something Bush upon learning of it after 9/11, immediately moved to prevent by launching the Iraqi invasion. The American people, uninformed by a Press largely controlled by the Rockefeller/Oil media outlets, have been kept in the blind and have yet to realize that Bush had no choice but to invade.  Had he not, today NYC, Washington and at least four other US Cities would be Nuclear Holocaust ground zeroes, and over 15-25 million Americans dead, in a manner depicted surprisingly by a current American Television show entitled 'Jericho'.  Bush ordered the invasion of Iraq knowing full well that pre-emption was vital as Hussein had every intent of delivering said Pakistani weapons to terrorist middlemen to use against the American continent, with Pakistan protected by an apparent WMD program in Iraq that was simply a smoke screen to hide collaboration between Pakistan and Hussein, intent upon delivering nuclear weapons against the American continent through terror proxies installed in a secret terror training center in North East Iraq by Musharraf and Hussein.  This very threat continues for so long as China facilitates Pakistan's nuclear weapons programs and Pakistan facilitates others."

    "While we in India are hardly non-partisan on the issue, we too have felt the constant threat of nuclear confrontation from Pakistan and military confrontation by China.  The byproduct, facilitation of Iraq, Iran and Syria against the USA through nuclear proliferation, and the means used by Pakistan as China's WMD and Terrorism agency in Central Asia, is simply not well understood nor actively realized by the American People, or they'd be far more in approval of what Bush accomplished. They do not understand the seemingly ambiguous nature of Chinese foreign policy, which at one moment seems pro-American in its effort to sell low cost goods (which, in China's minds deprives America of wealth and Americans of manufacturing jobs and infrastructure), and in the next, seeks to demoralize America by creating threatening Nuclear Powers like Hussein in Iraq, Kim Jong Il in North Korea and Mahmud Ahmadinejad in Iran. But in Hussein's case, he was enough of a lunatic to have actually launched a widespread terrorist nuclear attack on America seeking revenge for the first Gulf War's humiliations in the early 1990's. Bush did the right thing and clearly saved millions of American lives.  It is and has always been unclear to us in India why the Global Rockefeller Oil Syndicate is so inclined as to sacrifice 10% of the American Population to Nuclear Holocaust in the quest for attaining and maintaining control over Oil resources from Iraq and Iran nor why they ever have wrongly thought President Bush would go along with such insanity. We have long pondered this strange dichotomy that underlines the self-loyalty of such as run the Global Oil Industry - they know absolutely no national allegiances."
                                                         ...Spoken in early 2007 - by a Former Government Official of the Country of India

Civil Defense Comes First!

The old United States Civil Defense logo. The triangle emphasised the 3-step Civil Defense philosophy used before the foundation of FEMA and Comprehensive Emergency Management.
America's Unconditional Constitutional Guarantee:

 visit: MyCivilDefense.org: The creation of a properly designed, government backed, interactive nationwide CIVIL DEFENSE response network.  MyCivilDefense.org is a prototype, one intended to help others visualize the proper solution.  We are facing serious problems as a nation,  on the face of proxy attacks by foreign terror organizations. 

    Listen to that genocidal, heinously bellicose President Ahmadinejad of Iran.  Listen to the ever increasingly absurd Kim Jong Ill of Korea and his bizarre ranting cousin, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. Follow the ludicrous ravings of Sheik Nasrallah and soft, murderous venom of Osamma Bin Laden. Listen to the supremacist colloquy of Iran's "Supreme Leader": Ayatolla Kahmeini and the ambiguous pretenses of Pakistan's General Parvez Musharraf, the purveyor of "tactical terrorism" and the AQ Khan Nuclear Network.  You'll soon realize what kind of cold, amorally murderous lunatics they are out there in Terrorism Central.

 We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. more...

    Yes: they represent a clear and present danger to America. We seek your support behind our request for a US Civil Defense Response Network.  We are proposing that one be developed to support every American's right to survive an actual terror attack! When NUCLEAR or BIOLOGICAL attacks are likely, just being prepared as defined by DHS in "ready.gov" is in our opinion, simply not enough... it comes a day late and a dollar short.  All the shopping lists and escape planning in the world doesn't help when we face Holocaust from terrorists abroad.  All the planning and military force in the world did not help Israel, when Hizbollah launched nearly 4000 rockets into their country!  However, we have a way to protect ourselves. The Internet was designed to survive Nuclear attacks by its visualizers during the Cold War.   It can be used to supplement the Emergency Alert System and FEMA, thus giving the Public an actual chance to survive. It needs support and manpower... this is not a Political Quest: much of America has become clouded with the perfidious confusion caused by political colloquy from all sides: people are caught in the grip of diverse belief systems and misconception.  What we are speaking about here is the Fundamental Survival of every American no matter what the Body Politick does.  more...

    Properly implemented, such a Civil Defense site could provide critical command, communications and control during a national emergency throughout every part of the USA!  It can be updated to reflect local resource sites, shelters, medical centers, and safe evacuation routes. It can serve as a central AND regional coordination system for First Responders.  Extended to Mobil Devices it can help prevent the kind of Chaos and Confusion that led to untold First Responder losses such as were experienced at the World Trade Center. It could be made virtually invulnerable to any form of cyber-attack through security and circuit diversity, in fact, invulnerable to any kind of attack. The same can not be said of telephone, radio or TV infrastructure, just look at the consequences of the World Trade Center Disaster!  It could provide vital information from regional government, FEMA and DHS, as well as providing a critical communications infrastructure to coordinate First Responders and keep them safe!   more...

Initial sponsorship of this Program has been paid for by a grant from
 Computer Companies United against Terrorism

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