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Paranormal Agents at the NSA
by Dr. David Wichenfield, PhD

It is often said that those who know don't tell and those who tell don't know.  In the case of this news story, one who knows is telling... and we all better listen good. (Depicted below right: Dr. Harold Puthoff and Mr. Ingo Swan, NSA consultants and experts on human paranormal capabilities.)

This story is probably a breach of classified information so deeply hidden that identifying its code number or even knowing it’s NSA codeword is likely and literally impossible.  As I met a female member of an alleged team at NSA purportedly involved in the special access activity described below and managed to convince her of the need to publicize this story, however tersely, I am going to tell you about what I believe to be a codeword cleared project at NSA so classified that not even the President is allowed to utter its name aloud.  All personnel engaged in the activity are carefully structured to fall outside of the system, FOIA, and even retrieval by the Justice Department. So don't go firing up your FOIA requests yet.  You won't get anything but denial back.

It was some time in about 1980 that they discovered it.  Individuals with repressed psychiatric disorders ranging from clinical depression to overt paranoia often developed a subconscious gift, the ability to send and receive their feelings and even thoughts.  NSA had found a confounding tool, one that almost no one could engage in surveillance against, telepathy.  All forms of electronic communication are subject to intelligence surveillance, something NSA is expert at, so it knows how easy surveillance can be used, even encrypted surveillance can be decoded, making electronic communication of questionable worth in highly secret activities.

But what if two partners could easily and freely discuss NSA activities in a private telepathic communication session that could not be observed by others? 

With NSA’s discovery of the ability: the creation of the Shadow Telepathic Agent (STA) became possible. People working right out in plain sight, with telepathic connection to covert directors standing by inside NSA headquarters to direct their every intelligence gathering activity without detection.  They could be your next door neighbor, boss, the cop on the street, anyone.  The discovery took place when NSA and FBI were investigating the Church of Scientology and est/Landmark Forum, related human development groups which had knowledge and expertise on the subject. Experts like Hal Puthoff, Russel Dames, Ed May, the Psychophysical Research Labs at Princeton, Ingo Swann and others were also consulted by NSA and CIA.

hot pic airplane picture f-22 raptor jet fighter free picAccording to experts at the “Fly by Mind” Flight Suit development project at Lockheed Martin (developing a Fighter Jet Flight Suit that allowed the human mind to control a fighter jet in flight, not unlike one depicted in the Clint Eastwood film “Firefox”) the Human Brain, somewhere in the mental makeup of memory, Area’s L17 and L18, had developed a transmission region that could send and receive thought.  Transmitted thoughts emerge under control of the speech center of the Broca’s Wernke Cap of the Brain; received thoughts are retrieved by the auditory support neurons which develop neuro-ganglial structures that interconnect with area L18.  In an individual with fully developed Telepathic ability, these areas of the brain, often thought of as the “sender” and “archiver” of memories, and which ordinarily communicate between each other within a chambered region of the brain to form permanent memories,  develop the ability to send and receive electromagnetic copies of thoughts directed to another whose likewise areas of the brain respond as if a subtly quieter inner voice were speaking. Trained STAs can tell the difference between ordinary thinking and messages sent via this unique gift and can use it to stay in touch with a partner twenty four hours a day without being observed. 

The messages are transmitted in high auditory and medium visual resolution of about the equivalent of an 'extrapolated' maximum rate of 5-10K Bits of analog information per second, submodulated by and across the beat frequency of the brain by amplitude resonance.  The signal waveform is three dimensional, allowing the much slower frequency of the brain to receive a composite signal through multiple simultaneous wave transmission in a 3D pattern from one person to another.  In essence, the transmission takes place from a substantial number of sending cells in one person to a like number of receiving cells in another, and a developmental neural structure in the brain combines them into an image of a sound or visual (or both) type message the brain can sense on the receiving side.  A specialized nerve structure provides power to the sending cells to allow the messages to propagate intact along very great distances, about 2000 miles maximum in most people.  The object recognition and ear harmony areas of the Occiptal Lobe are generally responsible for conveying understanding of these transmitted messages to the conscious mind.  So far, early Jet flight suits geared to work "from the mind" would monitor electrical impulses around the Parietal Lobe for controlled electrical impulses that it would use to vary flight attitude and targeting weapons systems.


Human Telepathic Ability gift stems from neonatal brain development.  The Temporal Lobe is the first to develop after the Neonatal root at the top of the brain stem.  During fetal development, emotions and even thoughts are absorbed there by the Fetus from impulses it receives from its mother, and turn eventually into the foundation of rudimentary communications of infancy, captured by the early development of memory areas L17 and L18 of the fetus brain's temporal lobe.  During early life, the mother subconsciously monitors the toddler with her mind as well as with her eyes and ears and responds instantly to danger.  Most of a person’s life, however, they have no idea the ability even exists, unless through some form of introspection, often associated with coping with a repressed disorder, the individual suddenly discovers the ability.

NSA learned it could master the art of telepathy in individuals who developed the skill, and subsequently has used it for the above and other purposes ever since in a number of small, secret projects.  Knowledge of the program is generally limited to the Director and Deputy Director, sworn to such depths of secrecy that disclosure could result in court martial.


In addition to using the ability to coordinate field activities covertly, it discovered it could land entire false memories in the mind of someone vulnerable, an individual partly or wholly unaware of the nature of the telepathic ability brewing in their own mind.  In one case, a handyman from California was fed by an NSA undercover Telepathic Shadow Agent, an entire story about future acts of Terrorism so that he would report it to a local intelligence group, causing a member of the group to be placed in political jeopardy, so a Deputy Director at NSA could insure that a perceived potential competitor for his job during Administration Change could be eliminated.  Reportedly, the handyman dutifully reported his “unusual dream about Terrorism against the continental USA” and the targeted person was then placed in jeopardy of his life and employment by further activities of the Deputy Director.


To protect the existence of the STAs at NSA, NSA dispatched seemingly disgruntled ex-employees, individuals carrying with them weird stories of a supercomputer that could transmit “electronic telepathy” to the minds of individuals.  These stories, easily discountable and instantly plausibly deniable, serve to hide the existence of the Shadow Telepathy Agents Program at NSA and little else.

Those who claim “Synthetic Telepathy” and "Digital Telepathy" are in fact in the NSA’s employ providing smoke screens.  While work is being done to develop electromagnetic communications that can broadcast coordinating information by radiant waves directly to a human brain, the technology requires implantation of a digital receiver whose battery has to be changed frequently and is little different than a smaller version of the common ear wick transceiver (an ear mounted microphone speaker transmitter) seen in common use by the US Secret Service for its agents to stay in touch with their commanders. The explorations into this kind of technology are being used to mask the use of Shadow Telepathic Agents at NSA, part and parcel to the commonplace abuse of STAs at the NSA. Oddly enough, some of the most vicious abuse of the STAs is at the hand of others with telepathic ability.


Since 1985, a special Shadow project has operated in the New York / Washington, DC area, using two highly specialized shadow telepathy agents who’ve engaged in special support for everyone from the President to the Secretary of State to various projects of the NSA, CIA, NSC and DOD.  Equipped with an entire echelon of support personnel, they’ve been responsible for an enormous number of invaluable captures of terrorists, direction against foreign intelligence and other activities, led by the two highly gifted Shadow Telepathic Agents.  Said individuals risked their own lives to protect the US Government, and its allies, from nuclear proliferation effects, terrorism and foreign intelligence/military activities for two decades.

NSA has had a habit of abuse towards the STA agents, who are generally conscribed into duty with or without adequate pay, benefits or pensions, forced to work for decades in undercover capacity, while NSA fails to support them, keeping them in a position of risk and dominance, and threat of personal danger to them and their families and their careers over issues of secrecy and absolute unquestioning loyalty.  Known internally as “the Witches program”, the project is headed up by an NSA Field Chief who’s partner reports directly to the NSA Directorship from an administrative posture, but is assigned to “do whatever it takes” to support the White House, National Security Council, the Joint Chiefs, the Intelligence and Law Enforcement Agencies, the FBI and the Pentagon.  That team first noticed the absolute collapse facing the US Economic System, among other discoveries and advised the Treasury and Fed on how to prevent it.  Even though the Executive Branch was aware of financial problems, it had not discovered the degree of collapse facing America.  The STA Agents had, detecting future events they felt could be avoided by concerted financial steps.  In some instances, STAs possess what are called “pre-cognitive” and “post cognitive” abilities, that is, the ability to sense the future and look accurately into the past, making it possible for them to work in a way similar to what was depicted in the Spielberg film “Minority Report” (without the drama and clearly not in as detailed a manner.) with surprising accuracy.  The time independent ability of those agents is not well understood at present.

From a statement given me by one STA I’d met: “We don’t pretend to be instantaneously or letter on deadly accurate in obtaining facts from what seems like thin air or always hearing what our partner says with precise comprehension, it’s a lot like shouting at someone across a busy room, you have to use caution and verification protocols to insure you are communicating properly, particularly since you often find yourself sharing a lot of information that doesn’t get written down.  It can take an uncanny memory.  Meanwhile, it’s complicated by all the misinformation floating around in the mental makeup of humanity.  There is a lot of misleading and false information held by others in this world.  However, careful deep thinking combining your analytical wits and filtering out what is not likely or not true, usually leads the Shadow Telepath to after a while realize the truth, often truths emerge that no one else had ever been able to ascertain. Then we are able to track down proofs that establish the truth sufficiently for his or her observations to be counted on as accurate. That’s when we use those truths to guide our recommendations and activities.”


NSA (and other government agencies) face internal turmoil due to the inappropriateness with which NSA has treated some of the STA Agents, leadership perceives them as a “coming generation of competition” for their own jobs and fear an Agency run by and converted over entirely to telepathic agency operations will leave out those with such abilities undeveloped or under developed.

Leadership at NSA  for some pretty strange reasons takes special steps to punish STAs who are high achievers and those who begin to demand better treatment, including use of frames and allegations of mental instability to undermine credibility.

In the future, however, the extraordinary achievements of projects like that in NY/Washington and others, have set an example of just some of the unexplored capabilities of the human mind.

NSA faces eventual assimilation into more expansive use of the STA, along with DHS, and others, into this new frontier that poses the possibility of engagement in intelligence gathering without observation and secure communications that cannot be penetrated by foreign intelligence, relationships and intelligence work without equal, preventing future 911’s from ever getting off the ground.  All it is going to take is evolution of sufficient intelligence among NSA leadership to realize that the STAs are among their greatest resources and shouldn't be abused.  Unfortunately, from what I'd heard from the STAs I interviewed, NSA leadership regularly abuses and mistreats its STAs with threats, abusive behavior, financial deprivation, unwarranted punishment, negative reinforcement, morale disruption and down and out sadistic mistreatment. While trying to hide their existence, it subjects them to unearthly stresses, illegal employment practices and personal tyranny beyond that which the law actually affords NSA the right to do, which to this writer seems to be quite a tragic and horrible consequence of being an NSA STA. In fact, once forcibly conscribed into the NSA as an STA, there is no getting out, no matter what happens. One would think any Agency with employees with such talents would somehow find its way to grow up out of the dark ages of targeted personnel mistreatment and feudal abuse.

As a point of fact, said Project had prior to September 11, 2001, discovered 13 additional pilots in training associated with an Egyptian Al Qaeda commander and turned their existence (without knowing precisely what they were being trained for, as none of the Al Qaeda knew, not even their commander) over to the FBI, leading to all 13 and their commander fleeing the country weeks before 9/11, leaving only six teams of pilots and hijacker crew left here in the states upon the arrival of Mohammed Atta.  Thankfully, or there could have been 19 jets (the Islamic holy number, 19) dispatched against many more  targets on 9/11.  One team went down in the Pennsylvania farmlands when their Jet was crashed by passengers attacking the Al Qaeda crew.  Three teams flew into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.  Two more teams were scheduled to leave Logan a day or so later, but their plot was intercepted when the jets planned for hijacking were interdicted by the FBI at Logan Airport in Boston.

The other 13 teams, believing their existence and purpose had been made known to the FBI, fled the country and returned to Afghanistan, Egypt and Pakistan in the months prior to 9/11.

Such shows the potential of the Shadow Telepathic Agents Program.  The Timeline was changed when one considers the enormous impact of the 911 Tragedy, even though ONLY THREE AL QAEDA HIJACK TEAMS GOT THROUGH. Consider had not the STAs detected something was up, and intervened scaring away THIRTEEN MORE TEAMS, what might have happened!   What would have been the results if Al Qaeda had managed to hijack a total of 19 Jetliners and then hit another DOZEN AND A HALF major targets along the East Coast of the USA on 9/11? 

America might have never recovered.  

# # #

NOTE: This story has been a testimonial to the value of the STA Programs and the courageous personnel who are involved in defense of our country.  The story has been brought to your attention in support of anti-discrimination towards these specially skilled personnel so as to prevent further abuse by the NSA and other professional organizations.

Remember: everyone has the potential. Consider how you'd feel if you were the target of ongoing persecution for actually being telepathic?

Dr. David Wichenfield, PhD is an expert in the field of intelligence gathering, military logistics and advance government planning, with a degree in advanced physics. He writes periodic articles for the ACSA on subjects of interest to the General Public.  The views and information expressed in this article are not necessarily those held by the ACSA.

 Copyright (c) 2008 ACSA