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ACSA Endorses George W. Bush for President in 2004


American Computer Industry Association and American Computer Science Association, 7.5 million strong, announce their membership’s unanimous poll to give their endorsement to President Bush.



September 7, 2004 – For Immediate Distribution (New York City, NY).


The American Computer Scientists Association Inc indicated today that the outcome of its electronic poll of millions of members was unanimous: it has announced its unconditional endorsement of President Bush in his bid for re-election in 2004. 


In recent weeks, the normally middle of the road association of computer professionals, industry workers and computer scientists, has become increasingly critical of the statements of John Kerry, even at one point accusing Kerry of blatant Election Fraud regarding the issue of John McCain's withdrawal from the 2000 elections, and Kerry’s backing for the Navaho Accommodation Agreement, an act condemned by the UN as a violation of Human Rights of the Navaho of Arizona.


This is the full text of ACSA’s endorsement:






"After a long period of contemplation, the American Computer Science Association and its sister organization, the American Computer Industry Association, hereby announce our unconditional endorsement of President George W. Bush in his bid for re-election.” 


“We very strongly recommend all members of the computer, electronics and telecommunications industry cast their vote for George W. Bush this November in the 2004 Presidential Elections.”

”We also ask our many friends in the Labor Unions to change their traditional pro-Democratic Party stance ‘For the Safety of the American Family’ during and after this election and move to endorse President Bush the way the Firefighters of NYC have, setting aside past business circumstances for the 2004 election.”

”We’re all in the same ‘boat’ on this one.  We have provided some of our reasons in the following point-by-point statement.”





“We have found the Kerry Campaign most notably deficient in its proposal to address Terrorism. We feel President Bush is on the right track, we believe the appeasement proposed by Kerry in the guise of 'a more sensitive approach to the war on Terror' to be entirely suicidal.  All in all we find Senator Kerry’s participation, or rather, failure to participate in 99 out of 100 votes before him in the Senate, a most telling example of his experience there. We feel that there have been some valid questions raised about his post service loyalty to the facts about the very Military he would aspire to be Commander in Chief of, during his post service period in the Anti-war movement.  His Congressional Testimony in 1971 fed a frenzy of anti-war hysteria at a time in this country’s history when balance was called for.  His misrepresentations about atrocities against the Vietnamese and against Cambodians demonstrate a tendency to misrepresent the facts about wrongful acts, and then to cast general blame on those who were not responsible for commission of any such acts, as a class, a form of bigotry of opinion that has no place in a President.”


“A President must respect his political opponents, not blatantly malign them with smears as has John Kerry.  We have found him and his Democratic peer’s unbalanced response to and inflammatory information sharing about the Abu Ghraib prison scandal, in leaks to the press alone, caused the impression that all Soldiers in Iraq were involved in such activities of harassment as were committed by Pfc. Lindsey English.  In what amounted to a very small number of actors and a small number of their leaders who were derelict, not properly trained and responding to pressure by behaving with conduct unbecoming, John Kerry found a political lever he and his fellow Democrats unethically leveraged and turned into an attack on the entire Pentagon and Military, compounded by voting against the funds needed to support our Troops in Iraq, thereby attempting to undermine the transition process in a way that might have benefited those with Terrorist goals against America.”   




“In addition, a major lie by Kerry has made it’s way into his rhetoric, he falsely accused President Bush of dishonesty in leading    America into Iraq – this is not so, the misrepresentation that President Bush ever said there were ‘stockpiles of WMDs’ in Iraq is itself a smear of President Bush by Kerry and Jay Rockefeller, who – in Rockefeller’s case as a matter of public record - perpetrated that misrepresentation on 10 separate occasions in as many speeches when Rockefeller claimed falsely (between 1998 and 2003) to have evidence (as the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee) that Hussein had a stockpile of WMDs.  This lie was then falsely attributed to President Bush who had said no such thing, but certain NBC and CNN Press Reporters have reversed responsibility (in fact, their companies are owned by Rockefeller business entities GE and Time Warner) along with Rockefeller, to create the fundamental ‘oil grab’ program involving Senator Kerry   a behavior pattern repeated frequently by the Rockefellers, who are, admittedly, the wealthiest family in America.. and who control GE, EXXON, many banks, and many telephone and entertainment businesses”


“In reality, President Bush and Secretary Powell provided the actual evidence that Hussein INTENDED to develop his WMDs within six months, representing a grave threat to American National Security: which has born up by findings of the Troops on the ground in Iraq.  Those WMDs when further developed would have given Iraq justification to obtain nuclear weapons from Pakistan or North Korea and Saddam would have used them on America. This is a very big difference, in facts, from the smear campaign of Mr. Kerry and his partner, Mr. Rockefeller.  Further, his behavior pattern appears to repeat from his Anti-war activities in 1971 as described above.  This likely assigns responsibility for the debacle during the Vietnam era where it belongs, on the Rockefeller family, who frequently play both sides against the middle in our opinion. America can neither afford a President who blackmails his own government nor smears it’s military in an attempt to seize office, nor casts false witness on its President.  These are the strategies of an Osamma Bin Laden, not of a legitimate Presidential Candidate in our opinion.  We believe too many Democrats have resorted to disingenuous campaigns to breed distrust towards their opponents in a way that is reminiscent of Terrorism.”






We have also found his partnership with Michael Moore who raised his fingers in the sign ‘L’ for “Losers” to be an example of the Hate Mongering of the New Democratic Left, something that the Democrats would be well to excise from a Party diseased by an intensity of hate mongering that rivals a Terror Cell.  Many of us have suspected that mental illness has beset the Democrats, their name calling behavior invaded our offices when a notable Democratic Party leader entered our offices in NJ and left after calling President Bush a string of epithets that would have embarrassed a sailor, a behavior pattern that suggests open hatreds that have no place in the America System. It’s one thing for one to yell at the other.  It’s another for members of a Party to run around the streets screaming such epithets as would shock the most fowl mind.  Political Leaders like that should be expelled from the Public Sector."


“Our system is one of mutual respect, debate and tolerance, not open hatred, and we’d learned sadly of one well known Democratic Leader so bereft of his ability to control his hate, he was allegedly prepared to hire supremacist gangsters in Florida to commit murder of the US Representative who’d been nominated to be the head of the CIA, he hated the man’s politics so much.  This is an example of the mental disease we fear has entered the heads of Senators in the Democratic camp with too much self-appreciation and too much power.  Before long we are going to move to form a lobby to limit the powers of Senators, and reduce their stature, so they don’t get the idea that as Senators, they hold the power of life or death over our way of life, as a result of Senator Rockefeller’s disgusting and abominable behavior.  They should be compelled to reflect the will of the People, and honestly and accurately report the issues to them, or they should be removed from Public Office, in our opinion. The Senate is not a private fiefdom for Oil Super-companies to stage manage our country, and the Democratic Party is not their private conveyance to that end.”





“We have found the Kerry Campaign also fails to sincerely address issues of the economy, education and health care, his proposals would require a massive increase in taxes which Mr. Kerry intends to finance by raising taxes on the 2% Rich in this country, a merit-less suggestion since they are so heavily shielded by Corporate structures, and by repealing the Bush Tax Cuts and elevating taxes across the board by raising the base rate, reducing the deductions and increasing the percentages, resulting in an additional $1.75 Trillion in new taxes.”


"We have also analyzed Kerry's claims about Medicare.  We have just seen the largest Medicare points coverage elevation in its history, thanks to the Bush Administration.  It is at the maximum of its capacity for coverage at its present efficiency.  To raise the level of Medicare Coverage any more, Mr. Kerry will actually have to increase taxes by as much as 1-4% on the entire country, including the elderly, in order to reduce their medical care costs by what is the same amount or less. That approach would pay for bueaurocracy; there would be no net gain to health care.”


“Furthermore, the Bush Administration has started a phased approach to implementing pharmaceutical plans for the Elderly.  Under Kerry, taxes will have to be raised even more, and the net benefit: resulting in higher taxes for the Elderly and everyone else. That would then begin to erode Social Security, result in less efficient use of funds by the Government and the entire approach would collapse onto an inflationary spiral of Tax and Spend, then Tax more.  Once again, the Kerry approach is merit-less."


"His other claims such as those about restrictions on pollution are paper tigers with no immediate benefit, the Kyoto Protocols re not being adhered to by our most significant industrial competitors, for example. We need to take different steps to safeguard our environment, along the lines of developing Clean Hydrogen Energy as the President has called for, instead. We also need to end the use of Coal as an Energy Source altogether, something Mr. Kerry and his Democratic peers won’t oppose, as they are backed by the largest Coal energy company in the world, Peabody."


"As to Mr. Kerry's suggestion that we are at the mercy of Saudi Arabian Oil, we would politely suggest he get on his fellow Democrats case on that issue, for we only purchase 15% of our oil from the Saudis.  Expanding American right to drill for Oil has an immediate impact on that by reducing it. Expanding Department of Energy research in reducing the cost of Clean Energy from its present $225 a barrel, in oil terms, cost, would also.”




"We conclude Mr. Kerry is dangling empty gestures and gross impossibilities of the hopes that Americans are not bright enough to know that pills that turn water to gasoline are just that, fantasies of Hollywood, and that long term development of Hydrogen Energy, Environmentally Sound Solar Energy, and thermal sources, is our best bet for the future, but will take time.


"That being said, we have also analyzed the Campaign Methods of John Kerry and found them wanting.  His open partnership with Michael Moore suggests a ridiculing of America by a loathsome and self-loathing man. Kerry’s very changeable position on nearly any issue suggests a willingness to commit to anything that gets him elected.  Such suggests a man of no principles, who latches on to issues as weapons of conquest.  His failure to vote in more than 1 in a Hundred of the votes called in the Senate during his tenure there is extremely telling.  His open use of organizations like Zack Exley's and many other such web based PACs without regulation, is a form of guerrilla warfare we find objectionable.  We do not trust Mr. Kerry’s search for foreign government support for his Candidacy: that smells like disloyalty in our book."


"Furthermore, we have concluded that, unlike during the Clinton Administration, President Bush is not going to sell his soul out to any Peabody Coal Company who comes along and wants to violate the Human Rights of our fellow Americans, the Navaho of Arizona, nor to any Exxon Oil Company who expects him to install them in charge of Iraq's oil, nor to any threats from abroad from any Saddam Hussein, any Osamma Bin Laden, any Mullah who thinks he's going to build Nuclear Weapons and launch them at us or our allies, any Johnny Chung with $2,000,000 in a suitcase, any Loral Electronics trying to sell our most secret technologies to those who would then use them to compromise National Security, nor any Pakistani Terrorist Leader who thinks by pretending he's our ally, he's in the long run going to outlive Osamma Bin Laden."


"Our voice is being heard in the world in the following manner, thanks to President Bush, in the immortal words of Patrick Henry: 'I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death.' "


"And as to the ACSA, we've gone further with our statement: 'We will not stop until all those who commit Terrorism in this world against us are brought to Justice. Let Freedom be our guide, God by our side, the Angels in heaven sing: All Men are Created Equal.'"


"And so, we cast our endorsement for President George W. Bush, upon a unanimous electronic vote of the membership.  We believe President Bush and we believe IN President Bush and we're going to vote for President Bush."



ACSA is a leading non-profit computer science association with a public advocacy and private research foundation orientation.  Its website is 


Among others ACSA publishes Advances Magazine: an ePinion, news, history and technology publications, the Journal of American Computer Science, and maintains an electronic proficiency University for professionals, ACSA University.  Its membership including computer scientists and companies was approximately 2.5 million in 2003, and among the general public with a common interest in computers, about 5 million who'd joined since about 1999.

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