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ACSA releases expert evaluation of Rather-gate Papers: "IBM Warp + Microsoft  Proportional Font spacing, says Dan Rather lied and John Kerry engaged in blatant fraud and hypocrisy by using the forgeries knowingly as campaign attack ammunition!"


ADVANCES™ MAGAZINE (American Computer Science Association Inc.)
September 21, 2004  (for immediate distribution)

President Bush has held a firm hand keeping the Iraqi's in control of their own oil reserves since the end of major combat a year ago. President Bush has seen to it that South Korea's largest oil distribution network is the only partner carrying Iraq's crude oil to global markets, a brilliant move to bolster South Korea's economy in the same heartbeat as Iraq develops it's democracy. Meanwhile, John Kerry renewed his web-based and news attacks on Bush by trying to leverage the known and discredited Rather-gate forgeries, Bush bashing documents from Dan Rather. Rather-gate originally claimed came from the Pentagon, a claim since proven a lie. The documents, now discredited and proven to be forgeries, have become a potential scalding backlash on the Kerry Campaign which appears to ACSA to be 'candidly falling apart'. What more is hidden behind the Kerry Campaign and it's mentor(s)? Read this update to the "Public Integrity or the lack thereof in John Kerry's 2004 Presidential Campaign" - one of several simultaneous studies of campaign integrity being undertaken by the ACSA this year. (: Yahoo Press Release :)

ACSA's document forensics expert, Dr. Milton Abrahamson, has identified the actual serial number of an IBM DisplayWriter PC running OS/2 Warp he believes was used to forge the Rather-gate Documents, and insists that Bob Burkett, the Texas Congressman who is stepping up to take credit, is simply a front for IBM and JP Morgan Chase. In a speech before members of ACSA, Dr. Abrahamson stated a technician, operating under direction of Senator Jay Rockefeller, scion of the Democratic Party's most powerful family, the Rockefellers, created the documents and arranged for their delivery to Dan Rather, with a financial kicker for the reporter, to cover the risk that forgery might be discovered.  Abrahamson also stated he believed continued use by the Kerry Campaign of the forgeries to attempt to "bash Bush", would result in a near 10 point additional loss in the polls in the coming two (2) weeks, particularly once it becomes clear Rather knowingly misrepresented the forged papers as being sent CBS "by the Pentagon" on his shows.

"America was not fooled by Dan Rather, and it isn't fooled by Michael Moore, F9/11 which is of the same ilk," stated Abrahamson, "nor are we fooled by John Kerry's campaign, which has become an almost comical mosaic of random smears and misguided forgeries somewhat resembling an amateurish attempt at building a web log like image with lies, smoke, mirrors and fraud.  I'd have to point a finger at the scions of the Democratic Party behind Kerry: Ted Kennedy and, most of all, Jay (John) Rockefeller, Democrat from West Virginia - he most likely arranged for the forgeries himself.  It's time someone threw that low down 'varmint' Rockefeller in a jail cell where he belongs... and perhaps Mr. Kerry, Terry McAuliffe, Zack Exley and Dan Rather should join him there for a decade or two..."

Besides covertly controlling everything from six of the top oil businesses in the world, four of America's largest banks, two of the largest three banks in about every country of the world, three of the US's largest Aerospace companies, four of the US's largest computer businesses, twelve of the US largest software houses, six of the US's top broadcasting and entertainment empires, and so on, the Rockefeller Group has it's hands in Democratic Politics, through it's Viacom / Sony / CBS nexus at 60 Minutes. Jay, son of one of the wealthier members of the Rockefeller Family is the energy business "Keretsu's" current scion (Keretsu is Japanese for 'group of commonly controlled companies, by the thousand, all working in tandem to gain revenues and market share in a coordinated fashion.)

Terry McAuliffe and Zack Exley, the two advocates of using the forgeries to harm the reputation of the President, continue on in their John Kerry led campaign of PRO-TERRORIST SMEAR CAMPAIGN, in what ACSA called "the most blatant smear campaign against American National Security interests in recent history, all under the watchful string pulling of W. Virginia's former governor, Jay Rockefeller, scion also, apparently, of the Democratic Party."  ACSA has identified for the public, a wave of Kerry campaign that appeared written by the author of Tapes from Osamma Bin Laden and Dr. Al Zawahari, in recent times.  ACSA has also identified the likelihood that within 2-10 days time, after release of the NEXT Bin Laden tape, that a major terror attack, poised at present, will materialize within the USA.

"They've already figured out who to slip between the cracks, so be on the lookout for a simultaneous John Kerry attack on America's 'readiness' and he will blame Bush for that, too, in spite of the likelihood that such attacks continue to be possible as we continue to ready ourselves now, that progress makes perfect, but perfect only comes with time." stated an ACSA Security Consultant who preferred to remain nameless.

Citing a confidential source, ACSA indicated that two months ago it learned that Senator Jay Rockefeller, through organized crime brokers and lawyers laying down a 34 deep plausible deniability trail, had hired four Tampa Bay area Supremacists for six million in money launderings and other perks, to deploy four assassins to halt the progress of US Representative Porter Goss, then in the "suspected to be a nominee candidate for head of the CIA", by planting an exploding tire on Porter Goss's limousine while on travel before his nomination.  Rockefeller's reported hopes were to eliminate Goss before he was able to be nominated and confirmed to head the CIA (one can see the enormous hatred in Rockefeller now, as he questions Goss on the floor of the Senate during confirmation hearings, his examples are vague and his anger at being outranked by Goss is visible in his every pontification before the hearings in front of the Intelligence Committees).

The four operatives allegedly hired to kill Goss by Rockefeller, were on the long string of the Aryan Brethren and the Florida Based Nazi Low Riders, purportedly headed by two well known assassins of the Nazi kind known as "Cain" and "Abel", associates of terrorist William J. Krar (: newsreel :) a supporter of the New Hampshire Militia's alleged anti-Government activities from E. Texas, who had been arrested a year or so ago and incarcerated for planning wholesale insurrection out of a storage facility housing dozens of arsenals of bombs, guns and other munitions.  The present plot targetting Goss, as a result of exposure, may have even gone into an underground waiting spiral, to resurface at some time in the not too distant future, said one intelligence agent.

When criminal investigators discovered the plot involving "Cain" and "Abel"'s hit squad training allegedly to kill Goss, it was reported through intelligence circles back to the floor of the Senate and House, leading to disintegration of the plot.  Meanwhile, a Department of Homeland Security agent, whom we turned over the information provided us by one informant, called and threatened ACSA with "legal consequences" and accused us of making it all up.  Which, of course, identifies the political problems in DHS - the agent was clearly protecting Jay Rockefeller, for reasons that defy logic since he knew, as a fact, that the alleged plot was likely real as it's members had already been identified by multiple deep cover intelligence operatives investigating matters in the vicinity of said assassins (who are also up to their ears in narcotics and other criminal activities as well).

The information we were provided, was taken far more seriously by other law enforcement and intelligence agencies, and the potential for the plot to resurface, has been hinted at by more than one intelligence agency who knew of the intended assassination of Goss and of the Rockefellers' interest in removing a possible thorny head of the CIA. The apparent intent was to eliminate the tactical advantage a Porter Goss might present to opposition to Rockefeller business interests gaining control of Iraq's oil.   Apparently, Jay Rockefeller intends to use the Kerry Campaign and a possible Presidency (not that likely at this moment) to attempt to steal the oil reserves out from under their present owners, the Iraqi's (as President Bush arranged for the Iraqi's to possess their own oil for their own benefit and partnered them with South Korea's Oil Company distribution channels, over the objections of the Rockefeller family, Exxon, Chevron, BP and Conoco, all of whom thought they deserved the right of first access to Iraq's oil, in a manner reminiscent of Saddam Hussein.)

More is expected from Rockefeller in the immediate future, as the upcoming Bin Laden Tape arrives, is played and becomes the go code for the next Arab Fascist cum Nazi-fostered attack on America, ACSA stated.

Meanwhile, Dr. Abrahamson was quoted in the press on Monday: "In a world where being willing to admit oneself Gay, like Jim McGreevey, so surprises the public that no one notices the man embezzled 250,000 dollars for a lover he put on the NJ Governor's office payroll, a ground sufficient to convict any other governor, something that Peter Harvey sits and looks smug about and does nothing at all about, being a Democrat himself, tells you that in our peculiar modern America, we have lost touch with the simple things like prosecuting a public official for committing a crime. If you embezzle as has McGreevey, you should go to jail for 10 years, and when you present forged documents for John Kerry's campaign, falsely claiming they 'came to us at CBS from the Pentagon during a search commented upon as 'the results of an overabundance of caution' ', -- and that's what Rather said, then Dan Rather and John Kerry get apprehended and get to spend some time in a jail right along with McGreevey - we have forgotten that forgery is a crime, that misattributing forged documents to origination at the Pentagon and embezzlement and placing one's lover on the payroll are ALL pretty severe crimes.  Apparently, the Democrats have become so liberal that the only crime in America is not being a Democrat, as far as they are concerned.  This reeks of the need to disband their party of latent terrorists, con artists and thieves.  For they are truly the 'Warped Democratic Party' !  The entire Kerry Campaign is guilty of using forgeries to smear their opponent, and America should respond by tossing them in the trash they came from, the Democratic Party candidates, that is! And I'm not a Republican, either!"

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