10 Billion Acres
 Reforesting Planet Earth for the sake of Human Survival

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About us

Ten Billion Acres is a Global Resource Fund for Non-Profit Purposes, created by the ACSA, for the benefit of Humanity.  The funds raised will be devoted to developing and implementing the Ten Billion Acre Reforestation Long Range Plans.  Note, the Long Range Plans will take quite some time to achieve the goal of reforesting ten billion acres of tree growth, likely longer than it took for Humanity to deforest that amount of acreage since 1492.  However, it is believed that within 50 years, the degeneration of Earth's atmosphere and depletion of breathable gasses will have been halted and largely reversed, and that within 100 years, the Planet will have long since been placed back on track to being able to atmospherically support Humanity.  Within the space of several lifetimes, we intend to insure that the effort exceeds the growth of Human numbers and populations, can survive in perpetuity, and that new, innovative ways of foresting human population areas will be evolved to insure Humanity is not extinguished by atmospheric depletion.

Contact Us

You can reach 10BA by phone through the business offices of the ACSA at 908-272-0016, or by email at "trees@acsa.net". To mail donation checks, send payable to "ACSA Inc (10 BA)", Box 10BA, Suite 2051, 360 Central Ave, Clark, New Jersey 07066 USA.

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