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PLEASE NOTE: Real Video and Quick Time only do partial justice to the incredible images captured by the InterspeciesJam Team.  The original HIGH RESOLUTION Paul Gilman Videos may be purchased from this Site on or after January 3, 2000.  A 1 Hour Broadcast Special is also under development for airing during fixed time slots, and will be announced during the next few weeks.

SPECIAL UPDATE NOTE 1/3/2000: The above were delivered on time to ABC and PAX TV for broadcast, along with live synchronized segments being played on web the entire evening of the Millennium Celebration.  Unfortunately, Millennium TV Corp and Doug Ivanovich did not deliver their Rock and Roll Concert Segments to Pax TV on time as reportedly they filed for Bankruptcy on December 29th 1999.  Accordingly only the above and related video and news segments and live from Maui ever aired during the ABC and PAX TV celebrations.  Host (former Beatle) George Harrison was unable to attend, as he is recuperating from injury when he and his wife were attacked in England shortly before he was scheduled to fly to Hawaii to appear on the Live Broadcasts in Maui, which instead was hosted by the Mayor of Maui on the Live ABC News, PAX TV and ACC Webcast covering the event, which reported over two hundred seventy million visitors between December 30, 1999 and today and has been in a "perpetual broadcast" status.  It will remain so until January 30, 2000. Host Kristofferson did not attend for reasons related to personal health.  While available, the PAX TV link to Michael Jackson at Neverland Ranch and only a few of the Rock and Roll Millennium Concert Music Videos from hundreds of Rock Music Stars Music reportedly Video'd by Millennium TV & Doug Ivanovich (Humanicom) ever aired, the larger part of MTN's end of the Concert did not take place due to the apparent financial collapse and demise of Millennium TV Network itself.  Former Miss Black America Dawn Moss, Artist Paul Gilman, ACC's and Hawaiian Phillip Pilago's segments from Maui and Honolulu, plus those filmed in Palm Springs, California aired on time and have been continuously rebroadcast on this site ever since.

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