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       the secret conspiracy between the Third Reich...

and America's Most Powerful Corporation...    


    ACSA announced the unanimous adoption of a resolution in rejection of IBM Corporation proposed for ACSA corporate membership. ACSA announced that further investigation of IBM's circa 1940's role implementing Automation Schemes and delivering IBM USA manufactured equipment custom designed to facilitate Death Camp Genocide in NAZI Germany, realignment of railroads to transport more than 6,000,000 European Jews to them, and delivery of the Census Documents IBM had collected for Europe's Governments to NAZI Germany so that the Jews could be located "efficiently" constituted conspiracy to commit the most heinous crime against humanity in the history of humanity.  Among some 2500 documents, document archives and document libraries cited in the remarkable revelation as "direct evidence of Thomas J. Watson's and IBM Corporation's direct involvement in Genocide, Treason and War Crimes", the resolution condemned IBM for "illegal circumvention of American Law in profiting by and participating in the inhumane genocide and murder of 6,000,000+ during World War II, and contribution of competitive economic and military advantage through computation technology to a regime so murderous and insane that it cost the lives of over 20,000,000 Europeans, namely the regime of Adolf Hitler".

    ACSA announced that it was adding to that condemnation, a recommendation that the family of J. P. Morgan and John D. Rockefeller Jr. be added to the list of "parties of interest" for allowing Thomas J. Watson engage in ongoing profiteering from the Hitler regime up to and during World War II, along with other Morgan and Rockefeller business interests who likewise continued to sell to NAZI Germany during WW II even after America had entered the war. Even though Rockefeller and Morgan businesses were deeply involved in helping the Allies during the War Effort, the discovery that IBM, Standard Oil and AT&T, all Morgan/Rockefeller business interests continued profiteering from the NAZI's before and DURING WWII was, itself, very condemning of the lack of social responsibility and political disloyalty to the United States by both business organizations during WWII.


    "There is something for the organizations and families Morgan and Rockefeller to learn here from their past: that American will no longer sit by and allow it's leading business families derive profit in a way that leads opposing military factions to engage in war against the United States.  That is exactly what NAZI Germany did, it had, by the time America declared war on it, infiltrated the United States with it's spies, sank numerous American Merchant Marine Convoys, killed numerous American civilians abroad and was already planning not only the conquest of North America, but developing missiles (like the Manhattan Express V4 ICBM) to carry explosives and nuclear warheads to New York, Washington DC, and Boston, just as the war progressed to Normandy.  And all during that time IBM, Bell and Standard Oil, all Morgan Companies and Rockefeller Companies, continued to provide technology, fuel and communications through hidden or other subsidiaries to the Nazi cause.  It is incumbent, in the future, for American businesses, upon determining that a customer in a foreign land is using their products and services for the purposes of making war against the United States or terrorism against American citizens and assets, cease doing business with such customers, without further ado."

    "There needs to be a line drawn that no American business cross, certainly not the Morgans and the Rockefellers, the two most power, wealthiest business families in the United States, if not the world. They must recognize themselves as abiding by the United States Constitution, or they may not be allowed to continue doing business from the United States nor claiming themselves United States Citizens.  As to their servant, Thomas J. Watson, he and his family should have their assets seized, and put to the use of compensating surviving families of the Holocaust, and IBM Corporation should be compelled to pay compensations in excess of $50 Billion to the same surviving families, for the crime they committed was a deliberate act of making Nazi Germany a more efficient Death Camp - Genocide Machine.  Even today, IBM continues to practice many of the enslavement, criminal inculpation and bias crime behavior patterns it learned prior to and during World War II and that must end for all time.  It is hard for ACSA to make these statements given IBM's role as the key pioneer of the computer industry and one of the last survivors of the era of Mainframe technology.  Many of us worked there.  And many of us can testify to the fact that NAZI-ism, Supremacism, Anti-Semitism and Fascism do appear to exist within IBM's inner circles. Many of us encountered it there, particularly those who are of the Jewish faith." 


   The IBM effort to help the NAZIs was described as a "precision, concisely organized effort involving a melding of IBM Headquarters System Engineering, Design Automation and Management, overseen by an exuberant Thomas J. Watson" involved day to day in efforts to maneuver around State Department investigations, setting up a hidden linkage between a newly organized Swiss subsidiary, "Watson Business Machines" (a tactic adopted by Thomas J. Watson from his former mentor, John R. Paterson of NCR) and IBM's Dehomag Subsidiary in Nazi Germany.  Watson is said to in addition to the foregoing, to have turned over private National Census documents it collected for Countries throughout Europe and in America to Hitler, in a blatant effort to woo profitable business from Adolf Hitler: by helping Germany locate "all the Jews of Europe" from within demographics stored in the Census data of other countries who hired IBM, so that it could efficiently and proficiently using IBM Tabulation Equipment, sort, file and categorize those very Jews for extermination in the Death Camps, where IBM equipment during World War II continued to be programmed, serviced and SS Death Camp employees trained by IBM personnel, all of it designed by an IBM greedily seeking to achieve "2nd Largest Customer" status for the country of NAZI Germany, even when it was at war formally with the United States. 

    All the while IBM held off continued probes by the US War Department, so as to hide this illicit conspiracy with the Nazi enemy, a declared enemy who was at war with the United States and knowledge of which treason has been carefully suppressed by IBM Corporation, whom it has been clearly documented had full knowledge of the Genocide and anti-American activities that it was involved in, gleefully and with pride: leading innocent civilians to extermination in it's profit making endeavor as a contractor to NAZI Germany.  The census data provided illegally by IBM to Nazi Germany was also used for planning invasion and occupation plans for Europe and provided key information the NAZIs could have used for similar efforts to invade the United States and organize the "Manhattan Express" missiles it was constructing at the end of the war for missile attacks on the US mainland.  The data had been gathered by IBM under contracts with the countries of Europe targeted by Adolf Hitler for invasion, as in the USA.
    Citing recently released information about IBM's knowing and enthusiastic design and automation of NAZI Death Camps during the 1940's in Nazi Germany, and it's possible involvement in knowingly automating organizations engaged in terror against the United States, along with their Mafia counterparts involved in the distribution of HEROIN, ACSA included a key group of reference works (below) that summarize the IBM conspiracy with NAZI Germany.  the ACSA Board of Business Ethics said that it felt study of these historical materials and the citations within them could be useful in setting future higher standards of Corporate Responsibility for America and could also prevent a repeat of past mistakes that led to the present international situation that seems to descend directly from the horrors of NAZI behavior during World War II:


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  •  Review in Guerrilla news
  •,3604,675727,00.html  from The GUARDIAN (UK)

    Great Britain has traditionally harbored significant anti-Semitic sentiment forged by influence of the Vatican and the Church of England who changed the history of the Roman Praetorian Guard's Crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth and wrongfully alleged  the Jews of the San Hedran Leaders of Ancient Israel killed Christ, instead of the Roman Guard that actually killed him, in deference to and forging of political alliances with the Italian Court.  That hateful political subterfuge has distilled down into English thinking and, among other things, led to the Balfour Declaration and other anti-Jewish behavior.  In recent times the false information has been used by Terror Groups to raise money among wealthy British citizens.


'The ACSA calls for Investigation and Criminal Prosecution of IBM for engaging in Treason during WWII and for acts ACCESSORY to MASS MURDER, GENOCIDE, Conspiracy to violate International Territories, the illegal theft of and provision of private census data belonging to International Nations throughout Europe to NAZI Germany, and various Crimes Against Humanity, none of which war crimes bear any known Statute of Limitations, according to legal experts consulted with by the ACSA.  ACSA condemns IBM Corporation as being a "mean spirited, anti-democracy, greed driven autocracy incapable of social or corporate responsibility.  A company that will inevitably try to reduce it's wholehearted participation in the Nazi's very efficient murder of 12 million Europeans, to a statement alleging falsely that the company couldn't control what it's technology was used for.  But the point to be considered?

'Without IBM's CENSUS DATABASE and the highly regimented skills of IBM NY helping them to use them and designing their installations at the Death Camps and Military Planning Centers, the Nazi's would have had a very difficult time finding Europe's Jews, or targeting Nations for BLITZKRIEG.  And without IBM's Equipment orchestrated from it's very top by Chairman and CEO Thomas J. Watson, Nazi Germany would never have been able to manage and organize the movement of 6.5 Million Jews, Catholics, Gypsies, Gays, Handicapped and the elderly and infirm, across the Polish, Romanian, Czech, Russian, French, Dutch, German, Italian and other country sides that carried them directly to their Extermination, Asset Seizure and the case of able bodied men and women, placement into slavery and being worked to near death, starvation and Exterminated.  In our view, IBM crossed the line from Corporate dispassionate sale of equipment, and delved into finding new ways to help Hitler organize the Nazi war machinery and the Nazi Death Camps, and participated in even the rates, choices and decision making processes that led to the murder by Gas Chamber, Oven, Extreme Starvation, Experimentation, Hanging and Shooting of so many Jews, Catholics, Gypsies, Gays, Handicapped and the elderly and infirm.'

''The exuberance of Thomas J. Watson and his IBM Management Team when the United States was already at war with Germany in 1944, at creating the top secret subsidiary, Watson Business Machines, to sell IBM Tab Card Equipment through Swiss and Czech and French lines of secret distribution, laundering payments through secret bank accounts back into the USA and to directly provide education, programming and even hands on design and demonstration, of equipment solely intended to catalog, sort, assay and schedule Jews and other peoples of Europe for Extermination and to install and service it in the NAZI Death Camps at Auschwitz, Treblinka, Dachau, Berkinau and elsewhere (78 Death Camps in all) suggests that IBM and Watson intended to cause so great a massacre of innocent civilians that their second largest customer, the Country of Nazi Germany, would expand usage of their equipment drastically, simply on account of being impressed with the ruthless and sadistic nature of IBM efficiency. 

That it took extreme State Department pressure to convince Watson to give the Nazi's Adolf Hitler  back their 'Star of Merit' Award for his contributions to the Death Camps' operation, suggests that Watson took extreme pleasure in achieving profits from the corpses of millions of dead Jewry and others as mentioned above.   Watson's greatest concern was that he might offend Hitler and lose his company it's second largest customer, right at the height of war between America and Nazi Germany. As American's stormed the beachheads at Normandy, being mowed down by the hundred, IBM's only concern was that it might not be able to retrieve the equipment, which was only Leased to customers at the time, were the US successful in overwhelming the Nazi War Machine.  It is unbelievable that it took until February of 2001, for documents supporting these facts to surface." 

"In our opinion, representing a polling of the membership and members of the Computer Industry, IBM Corporation should be punished very severely for it's Treason against the United States, and for its contribution of means, methods, organization and efficiency to the operation of Genocide Death Camps, and should be deprived of economic benefits equal in some number of millions of dollars, for each person murdered in those Death Camps.  Since 6.5 Million were murdered, the economic liability to IBM greatly exceeds its foreseeable net asset-value.  Accordingly, we recommend that the US Government seize and end the company's very existence and place it's technological resources through distribution with other companies to manage, while permanently closing IBM's doors and barring it's existence for all time.  That would be sufficient minimal punishment. 

If one multiplied $8 million in economic compensation "per head" for the vast number of men, women and children of all ages murdered in the Death Camps,  times 6.5 million people, that tallies to $52 Trillion Dollars in fines, which IBM in no way could every come up with.  Accordingly, seizure of the records and the assets of IBM and dissolution to the rest of the industry and contributing resulting proceeds towards organizations designed to protect human freedom, eliminate HATE and prevent repeats of NAZI Germany and the Death Camps and murder of entire religious segments like the Jewish People, would be about the only fair consequence of acts of such ghastly and grizzly Corporate Greed.  Even at this late date, a sadly bereft of compassion IBM claims that the paperback edition of Edwin Black's controversial book on the subject, contained 'no additional documentary proof' over the hardcopy edition, just another callous attempt by an empty, cold hearted and mentally deluded Company to hide what should be a source for great shame: it's utter Treason against the United States during World War II."
"To that end, we are asking the US Government and the International War Crimes Commission to intervene, freeze IBM Corporation and it's assets, lock down it's records and proceed to hearings before Congress regarding how to accomplish the forgoing.  There is no possible argument in opposition, because the combination of both Treason and Genocide in the acts of one company during War is entirely inexcusable, and in our opinion, raison d'être for laws regarding such acts.  It must be that no American Business may ever be found involved in such acts of perfidy against this country and against human liberties and expect to stay in business or avoid repercussions by burying it's crimes behind a corporate veil of supremacy and criminal legalistic political rhetoric. 

Though many of us have worked for or contracted to IBM in the past at one time or other, all of us now feel extremely strongly that IBM must be made to pay the ultimate price, since it was learned lately that IBM literally caused 6,500,000 Jews, Catholics, Gypsies, Gays, the Elderly, Infirm and others to be murdered in massive fits of ghastly murderous efficiency. To IBM, disloyalty to it's own country and countrymen in the USA and the consequential death of these 6,500,000 children, women and men, along with the other 10 million Europeans and Russians who died at the hands of the NAZI Blitzkrieg: these are only secondary matters, secondary to it's achievement of 100% of the decided upon Sales Quotas set upon it by Mr. Thomas J. Watson, it's Chairman, a man who shall go down in history as one of the most vicious, deluded criminals in the history of the Computer Industry, a man who truly sold his soul for a dollar, a man who should have spent the last 25 years of his life in a maximum security prison in isolation and disgrace. 

No Loyal American, no person of Jewish, Catholic or Gypsy descent, of the Gay lifestyle, who is handicapped or committed to human freedom should continue in IBM employment or do business with them, for such would be an utter betrayal to all that the liberation of the Death Camps of the Holocaust represented. And even after all of what we demand be done to IBM as a War Criminal, that would not be enough.  There is no punishment strong enough for the willing organizer of technology designed solely for the purposes of orchestrating the murder of 6,500,000 innocent civilians of all ages so methodically and so horrifically.  No punishment will ever be enough."

ly 13, 2003

NOTE 1:  List of primary NAZI Death Camps automated with IBM Corporation equipment by Thomas J. Watson under special contracts with the NAZI regime and background data about the camps.

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NOTE 3: An enormous amount of information about the most horrific crime in human history may be found on the web.  For Teachers, we recommend such guides as "the Schindler's List Teaching Guide" to the Holocaust. 


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