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    A "Calutron" uses the original Ernst Orlando Lawrence (U Cal Radlab) design for magnetic recovery of weapons grade uranium and plutonium from nuclear ore.  It's only use is producing 10-50 kiloton nuclear bombs. Why is the US military remaining mute about it's findings? By 2003 Iraq was only months away from having it's own Atomic Bomb with intent to use it on completion to bomb the US!! 

   Pakistan's President Musharraf had helped Iraq design a massive "EMIS-U/P" weapons grade nuclear refinery in cooperation with the Pakistani AQ Khan Nuclear Network, just as he is doing now in Iran! Certain UN and CERN underlings and Secretary General Koffi Anan were positioning the "Oil for Food" program to: a) lift UN sanctions against Iraq so it could sell their countries oil from Iraq's vast reserves; b) provide Iraq Uranium bearing ores in vast quantity from a French company, sufficient to build 25 A-Bombs (1250 KGs of pure U-235)!
Undeniable proof exists that in 1995-2003 there existed a full scale, fully operative IRAQI EMIS Nuclear Refining Plant: "SPECIAL INVESTIGATIVE DOCUMENT ISRI-95-03 >"!  Pakistan's always present agenda- a nuclear attack on Washington (the White House and Capital) and NY (at the UN) through third parties while pretending to be our ally - the modern era of "plausible deniability" - "blame Iraq or Iran not us", would cripple the United States, a veritable "death blow" supported by other Middle Eastern despots, and hard liners in China. 

   For safety reasons, Iraq's Calutron Plant and the older Al Tuwaitha Nuclear Research Facility were seized and destroyed by US Special Forces at the outset of invasion, yet most of the valuable bomb manufacturing technology had been already hastily removed, relocated by Saddam's sons and loyalists, under cover of darkness (to where?). CERN's Andre Gsponer reported the proof of Saddam's bomb making programs very publicly: "GSPONER ON IRAQ'S CALUTRONS CIRCA 2001 >" (today: Director, Independent Study  Research Institute, Geneva... other articles by Gsponer).  His expositive reports were repressed.  IAEA Weapons Inspectors were blocked, unable to visit the Calutron as late as 2003. Progress on a nearby reactor intended  to reprocess byproduct of the Calutron into weapons grade Plutonium was covered up. Iraq remained ready (under Uday and Qusay Hussein) to build A-Bombs in 2003, stonewalling IAEA and UN inspectors right up to the date of invasion.

    Iraq operated Intel networks inside the US to gather nuclear secrets: READ THIS >.  In late 2002, French-Bulgarian black-marketers gained control of Uranium Ore from Cogema meant for refueling the Davis Besse Reactor in Ohio. (It was recently condemned by the UN for First Energy's failure to repair it timely.) The black-marketers were actively offering the Uranium through oil business middlemen to Saddam under the guise of the UN "Oil for Food" Program until the US-led invasion began. What could possibly motivate the U.S. military to keep these facts a complete secret? On the face of broad pre-Invasion Intelligence failings: the US Public has been kept in the dark- believing no such facility existed. In fact it did and was operative. Unbelievably: Iraq was only months away from possessing it's own A-Bombs: and enough material to build 25 of them, rapidly negotiating Oil for Uranium from at least two known ready sources for black-market Uranium Ore!  Why has the US Senate Intel. Committee kept all this SECRET?

   Why is it being soft-peddled against the semantics of "stockpiling" by those who know that long before a stockpile had been amassed, the US would already have long since been A-Bombed?  Is the illicit Uranium now secreted in Iran? Iran's Nuclear Program as of 1998 | of 2002-2005   Is Al-Qaeda trying to implement a plan to detonate a dirty bomb in an American or other Nuclear Reactor Vessel in order to hide the theft of 100 KGs+ of pure weapons-grade nuclear material?  It has been recently suggested that Sheikh Rahman's first truck bomb attack on the WTC was simply to give Al Qaeda operatives a chance to gain better understanding of how to formulate plans to destroy the WTC, studying repairs to the damage caused by Rahman's bomb... QED?


Pakistan's President Musharraf is the silent partner in transactions involving the AQ KHAN network selling Nuclear Weapons to Saddam Hussein, Mohamar Khadafi, the Iranian military, Syria and likely, North Korea.  He is also the man who ordered Bin Laden to deploy the 9/11 attack.  His Government runs hundreds of illegal Heroin refineries, and deals in Small Arms to the terrorism community, giving them heroin to use as currency. Why are we helping this man's hidden agenda?

In an abrupt about face, the Defense and State Departments have seemingly indicated that the sale of US made F-16 Fighter Aircraft to Musharraf has "now been approved" as an apparent reward for President/General Musharraf's alleged effort at improving our hunt for Terrorism. That Generalissimo Parvez Musharraf, is king of the sale of Nuclear Secrets around the world, and father of the movement to create Al Qaeda as a brick bat for expanded tactical advantage around the world.  In a move that is analogous to giving Adolph Hitler a few Enterprise Class Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carriers at the outbreak of WWII, the American Military and US Government have just demonstrated exactly how weak its intelligence gathering apparatus truly is, failing to notice that it was Musharraf who ordered Bin Laden to strike the USA on 9/11/2001.  

Apparently OUR intelligence gathering ability exceeds that of all the combined intelligence organizations of the CIA, because WE have found these facts out, and apparently THEY (the CIA) are still living in an advanced state of denial that their exit from Afghanistan at the end of the Cold War and the Russian siege of Afghanistan led to the power vacuum into which Pakistan's then leader Bhutto, and her generals, including Musharraf at the wheel, injected and cultivated Al Qaeda into, along with Bin Laden, in the first place. In an extraordinarily bad decision, efforts at bringing about the end to global terrorism and nuclear proliferation, whose epicenter is quietly centered in Pakistan, has taken a bad turn on an excuse that seems to harbor an even deadlier error in Judgment: the belief on the part of certain voices at the CIA that Musharraf can be "bought with technology rewards and economic advances in his military power."  It was PRECISELY this sort of tactical mistake on the part of the CIA, that led to the interim financing and equipping of the Iraqi Military during the rise of Saddam Hussein.

That blunder eventually cascaded into the situation which required US intervention in the Gulf in 1992 and again in 2003 removing Saddam Hussein from office. While Musharraf puts on a "great show" of being an ally, it's all that, nothing more and nothing less than a "show", and falls far short of reality.  ACSA calls for President Bush to "re-examine our system of rewards and punishments" for those who covertly anchor the enemies of every Democracy on Planet Earth hiding in Pakistan, and halt the sale of Arms to the world capital of Terrorism and Heroin, far outstripping Syria and Iran in that role... The game being played here is a bad one, and some of the apples proponing this course of action are, in fact, BAD APPLES needing removal from the bushel. ( News )

February 7, 2005: 9.5 Million voices in concert: "BRING OUR JOBS BACK HOME!"  

ACSA to sponsor The BOYCOT, an attempt to convince American technology companies and IT Departments that it would be in their best interests NOT to hire nor buy products from companies who hire off-shore Call Centers and off-shore R&D Labor. The steady erosion of thinking technology jobs by board rooms who have decreed to send them off shore by order of the banking interests behind the major corps defines the utter lack of a moral compass in modern Corporate America. 

The tragic undermining of America's technology advantage, so as to reduce labor liabilities, defeat health care provision regulations and evade payment of taxes is killing quality, destroying productivity and ruining product reputations in the USA (read about BOYCOT here...) >>   Learn about the consequences of "Brain Drain" and what it might do to American National Security... Learn how five men in the wealthiest businesses have made this decision and millions are losing or about to lose their jobs. This is a campaign you can support!  DONATE >   

The 9.5 million members of our community represent approximately 28.5 million mouths to feed.  That's 10% of the entire American population! Good luck to any politician who opposes the BOYCOT, we intend to issue Report Cards during upcoming elections...  this story will steadily update over the coming months to help us FIGHT BACK!

February 2, 2005:   State of the Union: A Bold initiative to support minorities and their children in avoiding AIDS and short lived Gangsta-ism, bolstering Social Security, cutting the deficit in half, enhancing the economy and, most of all: building on the successful elections in Afghanistan, Palestinian Territories, and of course, Iraq- continuing the war against Terrorism.. and towards Global Freedom...

Iraq's Freedom: the purple victory sign

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A raised finger from an Iraqi voter, from Congressmen, their own purple finger


Freedom's Representatives and the parents
of those who gave their lives, embracing Freedom...

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It's the brave parents of Sgt. Norwood and the brave Iraqi Policeman who jumped on a suicide bomber in order to protect voters at a polling area:  It's about Freedom.
First lady Laura Bush, right, applauds as Safia Taleb al-Suhail, leader of the Iraqi Women's Political Council, back to camera, hugs Janet Norwood of Pflugerville, Texas, on Capitol Hill Wednesday, Feb. 2., 2005 during President Bush's State of the Union address. Mrs.Norwood's son Sgt. Byron Norwood was killed in Iraq last Nov.  (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

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Iraq's spokesperson (father assassinated by Saddam 10yrs ago., embraces Mrs. Janet Norwood, mother of Sgt. Bryan Norwood who died in Fallujah)
U.S. President George W. Bush delivers the his State of the Union address as Vice President Dick Cheney listens in the House Chamber in Washington February 2, 2005. Bush said that Social Security must be changed to save it from financial ruin, and U.S. troops will stay in Iraq until the country's emerging government can defend itself. Photo by Larry Downing/Reuters
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The Speech that will go down
in History as a seminal moment in human history...

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Success where others failed.


State of the Union Address

January 25, 2005:  The Devil and Dr. Rice - a political commentary about the ongoing efforts by  the Rockefeller Oil Consortium's "devil squad" to undermine the present Administration's efforts to keep Iraq's oil in the hands of the Iraqis. How the Rock is using his "Senate Puppet Show" to use confirmation hearings to politically undermine the effort by President Bush to rebuild Iraq as the world's newest Democratic Society, financing the development of their free society with their own oil reserves. And learn how and why the Pentagon is carefully hiding the fact that it ACTUALLY DID FIND NUCLEAR WEAPONS IN IRAQ.  By J. David Chase  READ THIS ARTICLE >

January 24, 2005:  Coach Rick Karr, Oral Roberts University Basketball Coach, calls to thank ACSA for helping get his refund check back from his computer supplier.  If you have problems getting a refund, getting repairs you are due, or just getting help, from any vendor in our Industry, please feel free to click the orange "Consumer Aid" button above!!  ACSA will be issuing a public report card on vendors in the industry and their performance noted through our service, every so often.

January 22, 2005:  We are advised that after we contacted his computer supplier, that Coach Karr has received notice he will, at long last, receive his refund by mail in a few days.  We are waiting to see if his check is in the mail...  If you experience vendor frustration like the below with any company in our industry, please report it by clicking on the yellow "Consumer Aid" button above.  We'll see if we can help.  Please be advised that while we can not guarantee results, we can try, after verifying your concern, contacting the Vendor for you and seeking satisfactory resolution.  Also note that in some instances, we expect Vendors to respond with legal threats or actual lawsuits, rather than admit that they made one or more mistakes.  Nonetheless, ACSA will take steps to see if it can help consumers facing legitimately unresolved problems.

January 13, 2005:  ACSA Consumer Affairs Department initiates a Public Call for information about vendors who don't issue refunds after receiving a phone call from Oral Roberts University Basketball Coach.
 ACSA issues requests that any detailed emails alleging "product/service horror stories" and "abandonment claims" from consumers or businesses who experienced such difficulties be forwarded to ACSA at The story that triggered the inquest came from the Basketball Coach Rick Karr at Oral Roberts University who, after over 70 calls and letters to his computer supplier demanding his computer or a refund, including one to it's president, sought help from ACSA's Consumer Advocacy group. Coach Karr says he has not received a refund in excess of $890 back after his supplier cancelled his order after cashing his certified check/money order back in November 2004. ACSA was provided a copy of Coach Karr's cancelled check and letters he wrote to his supplier, along with a very detailed description.

December 26, 2004:  ACSA Urges US Homeland Security to be on the lookout for a direct attack on Los Angeles, New York and Washington, DC for the New Years or, if delayed, during the early months of 2005.  Indicates that it has concluded that in response to the upcoming Iraqi elections, and President Bush's re-election, plus the warnings from Al Qaeda's Bin Laden, and the ongoing attacks by Al Zarqawi, that a concerted, coordinated attack on the US is likely immanent, long in the planning.  Suggests that a blackout on Intelligence Chatter will lead to the launch.  More ...>

December 5, 2004:  Expert suggests Terrorist use of WMD against US is "inevitable" - indicates US could lose the War against Terrorism if that happened.  Read recent article in World Net Daily >  

      Mr. President:  Is it worth the risk of trusting General Musharraf at his word?  He has not kept it before (on 9/11 for example)...

Nuclear Test PhotoACSA, in response, suggested that Pakistan (and Iran) is SECRETLY backing terrorists' WMD efforts, that the so-called "time honored traditions" recently referenced by staff dating from the "Old, Pre-Porter Goss CIA" - are failing to acknowledge and take steps to circumvent Pakistan's central role as the two faced sponsor of global terrorism and heroin refining & distribution.  ACSA believes such old fashioned postures from the old days of the CIA during it's battle with the KGB over Afghanistan during the Russian Invasion is creating an ever widening gap in the United States' National Security shielding: a gap which will soon be wide enough for terrorists to insert WMDs (see picture at left) through against Continental USA...  WMDs supplied them ultimately by Pakistan's leader General Musharraf.

ACSA is convinced that is Pakistan's primary goal: they are playing our ally, while recruiting, training, equipping and sponsoring our enemies, designing the terrorists' plans, even running the intelligence show behind the scenes!

NOTE: December 4, 2004: President Musharraf rushes to Washington, DC to meet with President Bush... READ >

November 13-15, 2004:  ACSA issues WMD alert for continental USA- elevates it's RED ALERT to  " RED NUCLEAR ALERT " .  Read about why >  |  Read TIME article  |  Read Boston Herald article

November 12, 2004:  Egyptian born Jordanian Terrorist Murderer Yassir Arafat, inventor of the
imaginary people: "the Palestinians", laid to rest, Israeli Police elevate Israel's Terror Alert Status to "war" alert >

November 6, 2004:  Al Masri Brigade, an Al Qaeda unit, threatens retaliation over Bush Election >
as American Troops mass and enter Fallujah, taking over most of the city by November 11, 2004.

November 3, 2004:  President Bush wins by "substantial margin" predicted by ACSA.
Congratulations: President Bush!
                                      Visit the President-reElect's website:

A firm message to GLOBAL TERROR from the United States: "This is the year 2004.  You shall not survive the attempt to attack the Continental US.  We are on to you.  It is only a matter of time. We shall root out every last safe haven- every last hiding place.  Lay down your weapons!  Take up religion once again and embrace peace and tolerance!  Reject all forms of violence! End all conflicts! Turn towards God/Allah! Beg His forgiveness for your past slaughter of the innocents! For you assuredly shall not receive ours..."

November 2, 2004:  Explosive Pre-Election Blackmail explicitly targeting "pro Bush States" emerge in unpublished elements of the Bin Laden Terror Tape - no matter what the outcome those states will be targeted by Terrorists, it states.  This kind of message requires a definitive anti-Kerry response, since affirmation of Bin Laden's threats will lead to Bin Laden claiming he "owns America". Mea Culpa: electing Kerry very well could result in a free for all of terror against the US. It would be perceived as symbolizing weakness and a desire to run from any such Bin Laden threat, about the worst thing one can project to an Islamist.

    "The one truism about the Arabic method of warfare is that a show of weakness, such as a regime change or a failure to sufficiently respond to an attack, is perceived as weakness. Such will result in, will even be perceived as an invitation to, a massive attack on the party who ever projects such weakness. Islamist Warfare is about exploiting weakness, any weakness, to inflict as much terror and murder on the enemy as possible.  America must demonstrate no weakness, as such would be military suicide!  This is no longer just about politics.  It's about the image we project to Bin Laden, Al Qaeda and the Pakistani Leadership - either a weak one where we flee in the direction of John Kerry, or a strong one where we continue on with President Bush, staying the course. It is a very lethal form of 'Truth or Dare'! "
                                                             - former ACSA Chairperson Dr. Jack A. Shulman -October 15, 2004.


George W. Bush for President in 2004 >(press release)
"The Lost Heroes":We Will Remember 9/11 >


October 29, 2004: ACSA raises Terror Alert! RED: CONFIRMED (TO LAST UNTIL 1/5/2005)
  former ACSA Chairman Dr. Jack A. Shulman recounts ACSA's predictions: story >

October 27, 2004: ABC/Drudge alleges new "Assam the American" Al Qaeda Tape, 1 hour long,Photograph of Adam Yahiye Gadahn starring "Assam the American", Adam Ghadan, a/k/a Adam Pearlman, AT LEFT, allegedly a Californian who is Osamma Bin Laden's New "advisor" in his war against the USA...  Milt Abrahamson, ACSA's decryption wizard indicated that if the story pans out and the CIA Vets it, that this could be the predicted sign we'd been warning everyone in the USA about for the past 8 weeks (see below), the ultimate "go code" for a pre-election or election day attack on the United States to attempt to influence the outcome of the Elections on November 2, 2004.  Remember, however, we're talking about the Drudge Report fielding information that it obtained from several sources including ABC and Fox News. 

    Contradictive Political Indicators seem to suggest that the Press is doing "impact studies" to test the waters and see what kind of publicity about this alleged Terrorist Video Tape, which talks of "Blood Flowing Like Water in the Streets of America" and "an attack that will dwarf 9/11" and "Americans will mourn silently, unable to count their dead",  would have the most supportive effect in favor of the Presidential Candidate they have endorsed.  Spin Doctoring an upcoming Terror Attack? Shame on any member oof the US Press that does that... Nonetheless, let's all be prepared (see our "readiness list" later on in this website, or available through the Genesis Communications Radio Network ( Michael Trudeau Radio Show at, and wait and see if this Drudge Report holds water and publicly becomes that which Matt believes has transpired....  If it does not, this story will be deleted. story > 

October 23, 2004: "Signs seem to indicate that the US Domestic Sleeper Cells of Osamma Bin Laden / Al Qaeda are in 'attack plan restart' and simultaneous intelligence seems to verify Bin Laden has relocated his hiding place, suggesting fear of renewed pursuit on the heels of a major attack on the USA proper," says ACSA decryption expert, Milt Abramson. Savvy intelligence gatherers have advised ACSA that Bin Laden, fearing a latent threat from Chinese populations in the vicinity of his hiding place, moved to a new underground facility. Simultaneously, he has quietly fielded new orders to "restart attack plans on the USA" effective yesterday, October 22, 2004. 

    That would place the Terrorist Operatives inside of the United States in a position of being able to strike as early as October 25, though it seems more likely that they would attack on the eve of or day of the Elections, as previously suggested by Vice President Dick Cheney.  Abramson indicated certain kinds of money laundering and raise up activities had become visible, suggesting that Al Qaeda operatives were in need of some "quick traveling money". "We may actually see Bin Laden dispense with his usual public Video Tape, but if one in his voice/image or Dr. Zavaharis hits the streets, all indicators say the attack is 'on'".  NOTE: Al Qaeda raises operating funds untraceably through a combination of white collar crimes and narcotics trafficking in and outside the USA, to eliminate money trails back to their leadership.  Please read the following news:

                                                FBI "very cautious", makes arrests: probes Election Terror leads > 

    Note: the Associated Press has been, in our opinion, introducing counter arguments in their news coverage in an effort to support the notion that there is no terrorist threat against the USA, for political reasons.  When we contacted the News Communications Channel manager about things like trying to counter the reports about the FBI with "CIA" contradictions, he admitted the AP was biasing the press broadly agreeing that it was spinning the news "pro-Democratic Party".  Note that the AP is an INTERNATIONAL, ROCKEFELLER DOMINATED News Organization, headquartered at 50 Rockefeller Plaza in NYC. We find the AP to be reprehensible in not truthfully reporting that they DO NOT KNOW the full extent of either the FBI's nor the CIA's ongoing investigation of terrorism.

    They do know, however, that the CIA does not engage in investigations inside of the USA, by law, and that decredifying one possible witness does not even begin to touch on the vast number of confidential leads they are presented with each day alone. It does, however, tend to ruffle the feathers of both the FBI and the CIA and members of the public.  We believe actual pro-Al Qaeda and pro-Hamas sympathies lurk in one of the governing News Directors at the AP and have taken steps to further our knowledge of his background.  Use of a politically biased position on the news could also be part of the "machinery of stage management" being implemented to give terrorism a chance at actually succeeding in it's efforts to land a body blow on the United States during the upcoming election.

   We would not be surprised to discover as much bias at the AP in the heart of one or more of it's commissioners, as exists in all of Al Jazeera. And the influence of the super-wealthy, super influential Rockefeller Family over the AP is without question, they will do anything to displace Bush, to get their greedy little hands on all that oil the Iraqi's are presently pumping for their own benefit and not Exxon's.  Monitoring BIAS in the Press during Election 2004, is an ACSA project.

October 14, 2004:  Koppel Report on ABC establishes no Kerry "Silver Star" evidence, that there were no Vietcong witnesses that Lieutenant John Kerry actually killed "Banton", a lone Vietcong soldier who fired a rocket at the Swift Boats in the Cambodian River Delta, among which was one Kerry was piloting, although many of those soldiers did witness "Banton's" death from gunboats returning fire, not from Kerry. Important: READ more of our insight into this odd Koppel report...>

October 14, 2004:  Milt Abrahamson: "Our terror predictions are playing out, today's attack on the Baghdad Green Zone by Al Zarqawi insurgents, the predicted pattern we described 2 weeks ago, an attack by suicide bombers, we had said would happen shortly before an attack on one or two of our allies, then shortly followed by an attack on America proper.  We hope our allies are on high alert in England, France, Italy, Russia, England and elsewhere."  In a related terrorism warning, ACSA called for "the Texas Rangers and other authorities in the state of Texas" to be on the lookout for an Al Qaeda cell planning a suicide bomb, which today stole a white sports sedan (license plate beginning "N2....."), whose tow operator (white Arabic male, bare shoulders, baseball cap, clean shaven) was spotted by one of ACSA's members. 

    "We possess no way to warn the Texas Authorities of this, information is too scanty: the observer's report is lacking specifics. But it is significant because we believe that a hidden Al Qaeda sleeper cell led by wanted Terrorist Adnan G. El Shukrajumah is in the state of Texas & has plans to attack civilian targets there and elsewhere. We believe that that sleeper cell had had contact with John Mohammed and John Malvo (the beltway snipers) on their way to Maryland and that they have a peer group hidden in the Baltimore area.  We ask all Texans and Maryland/Delaware/Virginia/Washington residents be on the lookout for anything suspicious that might be preparation for terrorism. The individuals in Texas have been in Texas since before 911, only Shukrajumah is on the move and we believe he was successfully smuggled into Texas from Mexico, on an industrial transport. He fled to Mexico after being involved in organizing small terror activities in Ohio and West Virginia last or this year, and may have gone overseas to Pakistan to meet with Osamma Bin Laden and Dr. Zavaharis before hopping a boat ride to Mexico."

 October 13, 2004: ACSA identifies "21 Day Opportunity" for Terrorism                     
Modifies RED Alert!   ACSA spokesperson Dr. Milton Abrahamson commented: "We are seeing a vast number of informational releases by Al Qaeda in the form of Pakistan's confiscation of disks, leaked information given to American Intel sources, such as the CIA, and the creating of an overwhelming 'countermeasure of confusion' about which target or targets it actually intends to hit.  Meanwhile, we believe we have triggered a 'suspend the action' mechanism with our releasing of information about the potential for attack at different times and for different 'al Qaedish' reasons this past week, they are sizing us up to determine whether we just got lucky, or actually can monitor them (we can).  At this time, we are heading into a 3 week, 21 day countdown to the US Elections, with everyone taking bets.  One member of Congress closed his DC office altogether this week and headed for home, fearing an attack there.  We believe that no matter how devastating an attack may be in the works, the only consequence that is certain, now that we are within 3 weeks of the election, is that any attack by AL QAEDA will trigger a harmonious American Solidarity backlash against it, simply insuring President Bush's re-election, which seems to be assured at this moment anyway. 

    We feel that any such attack will create a massive mandate for America, under President Bush, to invade and take the fight against terrorism wherever it may, including potential nuclear responses against Pakistan, Iran, North Korea, Syria and/or Lebanon, in the event any nuclear materials are set off in dirty bomb or atomic reaction inside the United States and it is traced back to origin in any of these 'axis of evil' countries.  Furthermore, we would expect massive arrests of anyone from these countries inside of the USA, mass deportations, and total disruption of commerce with these countries (to the extent any exists), likely American Military Embargo picket lines set in place around each country, and retaliatory economic responses to any eastern, Asian or central European Nation who gave them aid in time of the event.  It also seems likely that the USA would dismiss all United Nations personnel from the USA, and close down all further UN operations.  Our analysis has ascertained that the anger from the USA at the perfidy of such an attack would likely trigger so violent a reaction from America at this point, it seems very unlikely any nations harboring the attackers would survive at all, they'd be laid waste. Clearly America is at that point called 'the nexus of patience and losing it's patience'. When it comes down to this, every other nation of the world had best be on it's best behavior to help catch any Al Qaedans headed our way, or be prepared to pay the price for betraying the US.  For the US is at the point of losing it's patience. This is the degree of anger here, 85% of America, that's some 240 million Americans, are wound tighter and angrier than a coiled titanium spring.  Woe be the country who assists or knowingly fails to halt an Al Qaeda attack on America any time soon."

October 9, 2004:       ACSA warns why October 12 is likely "terrorism keynote" !!         
RED ALERT UPDATED!   ACSA spokesperson Dr. Milton Abrahamson grimly warned the membership in a nationwide "Safety Webcast" on Sunday: "It is the nature of the beast.  We have to be on our highest alert until after the US Elections.  Early intelligence has since been modified extending the alert past October 7th, as it appears our original press release was partially responsible for causing Al Qaeda to assume it was being monitored, so they changed their plans.  While the US Columbus Day might be a significant date to them, most people stay home and what Al Qaeda might think would be 'good targets', short of the small-ish parades found in some cities around the USA, would be hard for AL Qaeda to find: schools are closed, a lot of businesses and government offices are.  However, October 12, 2004 , the Day AFTER Columbus Day is another day on our 'highly probable' list.  We're playing cat and mouse, clearly Al Zawahari responded to our press and various tactical efforts by the US Government, by issuing a second audio tape on October 1 which changed the terrorists schedules and targets.  They hit TABA in Egypt right on schedule October 7, though, which is explicable: it is possible the sleeper cells who had already prepared explosives they purchased from Bedouin Tribesman were not expecting a second tape.

    If they were already in motion, they may have been unable to change their planned attack to coincide with Al Zawahari's new instructions.  Nonetheless, we have  October 12, 2004  flagged because it is the ANNIVERSARY OF THE  USS COLE ATTACK IN YEMEN IN 2000, an Al Qaeda event that killed 17 sailors, and wounding 39.  It is the ANNIVERSARY OF THE BALI RESORT ATTACK  IN KUTA, in 2002, an Al Qaeda related event that killed 200 and wounded 3000 others. It is the ANNIVERSARY OF PAKISTAN DICTATOR GENERAL PARVEZ  MUSHARRAF'S OVERTHROW  OF THE PAKISTANI GOVERNMENT AND TAKEOVER, Musharraf spent most of his career building the terror groups Al Qaeda, Taliban and so on, as "extended tactical advantage" of the Pakistani Military Intelligence Service called the ISI (quoting a former prime minister, Madam Bhutto), that happened in 1999. It is also the date the  LIST OF 22 MOST WANTED TERRORISTS  appeared on the 'AMERICA'S MOST WANTED' TV SHOW at the urging of the President, in 2001, shortly after 9/11.  It is also the anniversary of an  IRA Terrorist Bomb  that barely missed past British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher back in 1984. Al Qaeda tends to honor past events by staging it's larger attacks on anniversary dates (although this is not a steadfast rule.) Everyone be alert! Report anything suspicious you see to your local FBI Office. Let's see if we can get these (expletive deleted)!"

October 8, 2004:        Historic National Election Underway in Afghanistan! >                       
  Attempt to derail election process by President Parvez Musharraf (of Pakistan) using Al Qaedans hiding in Pakistan is preempted in downtown Kabul.  Interior Defense Minister announces troops on high alert in Afghan cities, to halt a repeat of Musharraf's use of terrorist bombers in Kashmir during elections there.  Intel forces say this was all part of the Al Qaeda's plan to disrupt free elections in the US, Afghanistan, the Palestinian Territory and Iraq.  An  international commission monitoring the elections has said that allegations of election fraud were not widespread   enough to have effected the outcome which showed Mohammed Karzai reelected by a wide margin.

October 7, 2004:  Warns of renewed indications of impending attack on continental US.  ACSA spokesperson, Dr. Milton Abrahamson, explained: "Entropy, a word which refers to the phenomena of observation, suggests that the more you attempt to study or reveal something, the more you influence it, have an effect upon it.  Dr. Zawahari (Bin Laden's Lieutenant) released two audio/video tape messages through Al Jazeera in only a week and a half's time. The second was terse, a "go code", one which could mean he was modifying his original instructions encoded in his original message.  The only significant event between the two was our predictive news release to over 110,000 global news sources, and the public, along with our appearance on Genesis Communications Radio Network's 143 stations and the web. 

    If you were Bin Laden and had just had a 9.5 million person computer science association capable of monitoring every radio, TV, telephone, wire, internet and/or Morse code transmission system in the world, announce with details the nature of and premise upon which you were basing your next major terror attack on the USA mainland, what would you do? Would you go ahead with it and confirm that you were that easily predicted, facing likely apprehension by an American military and law enforcement community which had been forewarned of your attack? It was not surprising that our prediction came true on a slightly different time line, a day offset, which means trouble definitely lies ahead!  Time shifts in terrorist attack schedules means one thing and one thing alone: 'they are avoiding apprehension by the military authorities'!!
( continued...> )

October 4th, 2004:     Dr. Al Zawahari sends terror groups Bin Laden's "go code" >

September 25, 2004:  Shocking prediction of impending attack on continental US >

ACSA raises US terror threat level:RED ALERT!  Current terror threat News >
 Sends predictive warning to continental US:  ACSA has observed the diabolical release of a long predicted "Terror Go Code" from Bin Laden in the form of the "Attack Infidel Americans Everywhere even after we're gone!" audio taped message played on Al Jazeera this AM 10/1/04. It was issued by Bin Laden lieutenant: Dr. Al Zawahari.  "The reason for using the lieutenant is to start the ball in motion prior to what may be an immanent Bin Laden Video, so the attack can occur immediately thereafter, or to counter our intelligence predictions by creating a sense of uncertainty about whether or not this is THE go code, or just another empty threat," stated Dr. Milton Abrahamson, ACSA's decryption expert, adding "While there is a slight possibility that the audio tape was a 'Stop Code' from fear that they'd been found out, lost the advantage of surprise, the expression 'even after we're gone' means Al Qaeda knows we have (and the government has) developed a way to directly monitor their activities, so they are trying to obscure their efforts further, watching for an opportunity to boost the Kerry campaign.

    If they don't scare off, America can expect attempted Terror Attacks abroad and on the Continental US within a week to 10 days (by the 15th). We believe most will be intercepted and quelled. If they scare off, they are likely to attack in other ways.  I note that the Democrats, their false allegation that Bush went into Iraq under false pretenses having had its 'bubble burst', are getting desperate enough to hire Bruce Springsteen and 3/4 of the coke dealers in Hollywood to do publicity for Kerry!That will so turn off middle America, Bush may win by an even larger margin than predicted.  Right now, the computers all say 'Bush wins by 8.5 points in the electoral college'.  While it's not over yet: I don't envy Kerry... he's in for a rude awakening!" 

    Al Qaeda, backed tacitly by a Pakistani-Chinese hardliner military alliance, allied to a certain oil empire, is in a last ditch effort to prevent the completion of Democratic Transition in Iraq. Recently, Al Qaeda and Al Qaeda connected groups have graduated from suicide attacks on civilians to the mass slaughter of innocent children in Iraq as in Beslan! The Beslan tragedy served only to make Putin so insecure he started redacting some of the Democratic policies and programs in Russia, creating a "campaign debate issue" for Kerry to use to bash President Bush with, a horrifying tragedy used by Kerry to trade for election leverage. ACSA believes the trend line indicates that cowardly Al Qaeda animals will try to sneak into the USA and target school children & Universities here! For more information, click "Red Alert!".

  Prior to the US forced regime change in Iraq, training camps in the east of Iraq were the final launch point and "finishing center" for most Islamist terrorists trained in Pakistani and Afghani Terror Training Camps, a sort of "finishing school" before they launched themselves on American or other targets, where they could use land connections in Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to reach the West, with the tacit support of Saddam Hussein's Regime. 
On return legs, most were debriefed and then secretly transported overland to Pakistan, if they were unable to return to Afghanistan or Pakistan directly, using covert "terrorist underground railroads" maintained by Hussein and his two sons. The death of the sons and dethroning of Saddam Hussein, coupled to the de-Talibanization of Afghanistan, and the "surrounding" of Pakistan with anti-Terror investigations involving the FBI, has put a cramp on the ability of Al Qaeda to move as quickly and as accurately as it had during the Clinton Administration in preparing to attack us by placing sleeper cells inside of the USA.

A man sits by dead bodies of the Beslan hostage-taking victims at the morgue in Vladikavkz, North Ossetia.(AFP/Viktor Drachev) (Click for Large Photo)Press Release..> (9/3/2004) HORRIBLE TRAGEDY in BESLAN, RUSSIA. Our hearts go out to the people of Beslan. The Beslan Tragedy unfortunately demonstrates the probable consequences of John Kerry's proposed anti-Terror policies of appeasement and weakness, we contend.   To Russia's President we say: do not be goaded into any hasty internal intervention that may be self-defeating.  Do it right: join us in the War on Terror. Bring the fight to them the right way!  Do it the wrong way and they will have won. These vile marauders had only murder and mayhem in mind.  No other outcome was possible. Their intent: frighten the entire Free World. The survivors and families of the loved ones who died in that School in Beslan will be in our hearts and in our prayers. We will not stop until their killers and those who directed them are brought to justice!   

Russia gearing up to fight Terror > Saudi Arabia Fights Terror > Inside Israel's Fight with Terrorists >

September 3, 2004
The tragic picture above and to the left is of some of the 340+ children, parents and teachers murdered by Al Qaeda Terrorist cowards directing Chechen Separatist cowards in seizure of a Russian Grade School. The massacre of Children demonstrates the diseased nature of Terrorism.  The depravity of their acts defies human understanding, other than that it is designed to scare the Free World, while trying to force Russia to give up it's plans to develop it's oil industry.  It is exactly this horrible tragedy we believe is waiting to happen to America on a much larger scale just before the November Elections. We must be ready: not to demonstrate any weakness, if we adopt the policies of appeasement which Candidate John Kerry has been proposing in his "more sensitive approach" we are courting disaster.   We must not waiver on the face of such a threat.  On the balance, Mr. Kerry's Platform is simply "smoke, mirrors, and empty gestures".

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THE POLITICS OF SELF-CONTRADICTION: John Kerry is exceeded at the "flip-flop" by Jay-Rock: Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D- W. Va.). A pathological liar/anti-Semite of the first order: Jay would stoop to kill a Jew or a Congressman - if it would benefit him...

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ELECTION RIGGING IN AMERICA: Much Talk about Florida's Democratic voters in the 2000 election, but did you know that nearly 21-Million Republicans were not allowed nor able to vote in 2000, and likely will be blocked again?

About WMDs!


WMDS IN IRAQ: AL-QAEDA's AL-Zarqawi said by Iraqi Security to be seeking Saddam's WMDs hidden in surrounding nations...

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PRESIDENT BUSH teaches the world a lesson about the price of freedom and the cost of oppression... In an amazing show of desire to share democratic freedom and order with our friends in the Middle East.

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Dear Mr. President... SOAP BOX TALK !!

Citizen Berger!


TRAITOR IN THE NATIONAL SECURITY OFFICE: Why did Bill Clinton direct Sandy Berger to steal code-level secured documents about Terrorism from the National Archives?? What was hiding from the 9/11 Commission? His failure to report Intel to the Bush Administration? Why are the Democrats so afraid of Sandy Berger's classified Notes ending up in 9/11's hands?

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How Bill Clinton's Leadership Caused 9/11 URGENT... Read this one! Liberalism at work.

Terrorists For Kerry!


THEY'RE BACK !! Why Al Qaeda would prefer Kerry... a man unlikely to take strong steps against terrorists.


URGENT- The Terrorists just round the corner:
(Breaking News: 5/27/2004) For the third time in continental United States history, the Pakistani backed terror organization, Al Qaeda, led by Osamma Bin Laden, has prepared a massive, tragic terrorist assault on the United States homeland.  Department of Homeland Security and the FBI have published the below pictures, believed to be in the country or trying to gain access through Canada and/or Mexico.

We believe the third person shown on the top right, Adnan G. El. Shukrijumah, to be the co-mastermind. We have determined he may have been involved in past sniper shootings in West Virginia and a bomb that murdered a Pizza delivery man in Erie, Pennsylvania, working along with one of the four men on the bottom row of the photo.  Please use caution with these people, call the FBI immediately if you spot them: they may be in the possession of large scale chemical bombs fueled by ammonium nitrate, oil and fertilizer, such as could be obtained from an industrial oil fueled facility, intent upon targeting Government, Public or Power Facilities so as to wreak maximum havoc and terror.  Among them is one who possesses unique training in biochem weapons, and one with a distinct background in gaining access to computer systems and security devices.

This composite image, courtesy of the FBI (news - web sites), shows people sought for questioning in connection with possible terrorist threats on the US.

(Clockwise from upper L) Amer El-Maati, Aafia Siddiqui, Adnan G. El Shukrijumah, Fazul Abdullah Mohammed, Adam Yahite Gadahn, Aberraouf Jdey and Ahmed Khafan Ghailani.(AFP/HO-FBI). 
Osama bin Laden (news - web sites)'s al-Qaeda is poised to stage a new attack on the United States, Attorney General John Ashcroft (news - web sites) said as authorities launched a public hunt for seven "armed and dangerous" suspects.  Ashcroft and Federal Bureau of Investigation director Robert Mueller released the names and photographs of seven suspects, including one woman, who could be part of an attack plot.   "This disturbing news shows a particular intention to hit the United States hard. Beyond this intelligence, al-Qaeda's own public statements suggest that it is almost ready to attack the United States," Ashcroft warned.

Our special correspondent has learned that threats of domestic terror have been made against individuals and targets within the United States with a focus on certain high ranking members of Congress and the Senate, along with targets in and around the Washington DC area intended to coincide with the burial of ex-president Ronald Reagan.  It is not known at this time whether the threats are a diversionary 'disinformation' tactic being used to distract Special National Security coordinators working around the clock preparing for the State Funeral scheduled for Friday June 11, 2004 so as to facilitate activity among international terror sleeper cells of the Al Qaeda network.  According to our sources, domestic terror groups from certain supremacist anti-government groups situated in the West Tampa Bay area of Florida, are behind the threats... Specific information about who the actual terrorist-supremacists are going to be committed by have not yet been released, and specific information about any Al Qaeda terrorists planning an attack on continental United States has not yet been released.  Recent announcements by Al Qaeda along international websites have advised Muslims to stay clear of American compounds internationally, Americans internationally and away from public gatherings and landmarks in the USA.


 A QUOTABLE QUOTE: "MY FELLOW AMERICANS: Conscience and memory dictate the absolute necessity that everyone learn from the tragic and senseless mistakes of the past: the rise of Nazi Germany, the rise of Supremacy in America that preceded & followed it, & the subsequent rise of Terrorism in our modern world.  "War Against the Weak" Author Edwin Black has clearly broken new ground. It is now possible for social & political responsibility to become a mandate for the future ethical ecology of America. It's global mission: share the success of democracy & economic self-determinism.  We must never forget how we came to be here.  Everyone must learn from the tragedies caused by the spread of HATE: it costs us everything. It costs those that HATE their immortal souls..." 

 -- quoting:  former ACSA Chairperson Dr. Jack A. Shulman

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A horrifying account of supremacist public officials deep inside of the USA and attempts at breeding a Master Race in America prior to WWII... their alliance with Adolph Hitler: medical, illegal actions & involuntary sterilization/medical intervention in the US.  A frightening reminder that "it doesn't just happen in other countries"...

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"How can you protest a war, when you know Saddam's Agenda of Mass Murder?  I do not see you shedding any tears for over a million butchered Iraqis and another million Iranians..." a reply to Willie Nelson whose war protest makes no mention of unmarked graves in Iraq or suicide bombers in Israel who murdered thousands, called for and paid for by Saddam Hussein.... even on the face of the political scandal of alleged abuse of a dozen detainees - the US Government is prosecuting those who did wrong: humiliation sessions, two murders and a rape, and the humiliators, murderers and rapist are going to jail on the strength of an Army Article 32 Hearing, that is the difference between our society and that of Saddam and Osamma.  In Saddam's prisons, the prisoners were tortured, murdered and buried, sometimes alive, by the thousands, and even now, the Islamist Militants don't take prisoners, they take hostages, whom they behead, after beating, raping and torturing.  That is the difference, Willie: we punish wrongdoing in our own ranks, the Islamists cherish wrongdoing, embrace torture and murder of their prisoners, and execute them in the most vicious manner...  and you protest because it sells records. Sad...

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a startling proposal to condition ordinary blood infusions to be used as "precision biological scalpels", the intent being to use them to remove and/or halt cancerous tumors in their tracks....  a methodology which in the case of immuno-compromised individuals would be tailored to behave not unlike the consequences of overfeeding fish in a fish-tank, or in the case of less compromised individuals might be able to be programmed to create an incompatible tissue presence on the part of such tumors whereby the tumors become progressively viewed as foreign tissue by the body, causing a reinforced patient's auto-immune system to attack and ultimately reject and/or kill the tumors, healing the patient...

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