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 50 Years from Lawrence Livermore to every desktop: Computer Science has changed the Entire World.

"The ACSA: an organization devoted to bringing about a change for the better.
We are the programmers, scientists, hardware designers, communications professionals, 
 system engineers.  Our mission: to improve the quality of life on Earth for all its peoples."
                                                      -- Dr. Joseph V. Banks, Chairperson, ACSA Inc.
   A C S A  *  N E W S :

NEW  The worst form of crime is the crime against Children, the innocent unable to defend themselves: In the middle of economic crisis and electioneering, the Justice Department / FBI are strongly admired and commended by the ACSA for keeping their wits about themselves and continuing their efforts to halt the spread of the Exploitation of Runaway and Kidnapped Children: by bringing down an entire ring involving hundreds, saving the lives and rescuing a huge number of young people being criminally exploited: Keep up the good work! (read news item...)

NEW  Professor David Wichenfield writes on the actual use of Psychic Phenomona at a US Intelligence Agency. Part 1: Find out what he discovered... (more...)

ACSA identifies the real cause of the US's Economic Meltdown: Average personal income growth (3:1 increase) has been grossly exceeded by alarming cost of living increases since 1975 (5-9:1 increase).  "the Wage Earner's Gap" eventually undermines everything... the US Taxpayer who keeps everything afloat has lost too much ground these past 33 years: banking and corporate greed are its cause (more...)

 ACSA and membership issue surprising Kudos report rating Microsoft Vista: 5 stars on a 5 star scale, citing "greater work productivity, by 25%, more pleasant user experience, and greater reliability on the right hardware than either XP or MAC/OS." (more...)

NEW  ACSA 10 Billion Acres Project - To solve Global Climate Change / Atmospheric Oxygen Depletion-- 2 trillion Trees 'net' have been cut down since 1492, reducing the acreage from 18 billion to about 8.5 billion acres of trees today. The goal of 10 Billion Acres: find a way to replant them and restore the balance of Trees versus Algae as the source for the oxygen we must breathe (more...)

NEW   ACSA Investigators establish definitively that Senator Jay Rockefeller was the hidden force behind certain efforts to illegally sell advanced weapons grade supercomputer, phased array radar and communications technologies to the Soviet Union stolen from US government contractors during the Cold War 80's. (more...)

NEW   ACSA Archivist reopens archive of American Computer Company's satiric "Roswell, 1947" story and the "alien transistor" which shook up the internet in 1996. (more...)

NEW  ACSA Chairperson's polite critique of Lord Branson / Burt Rutan's SpaceCraft Two Design. (more...)

NEW Is Landmark's Forum really dangerous? A question is raised regarding alleged people control, surveillance, privacy invasion, law enforcement manipulation and covert legal and business activity manipulation (more...)

NEW ACSA Challenges Senator John McCain's Legislative Record on Dineh-Navaho, accuses him of conspiracy and public fraud in stealing lands and coal from a gentle people. The brutal, UN/EU Condemned Navaho Resettlement Act and John McCain's role behind it (more...)


The ACSA announces free membership for citizens of Iran! (more...)
Initiative is aimed at giving Iranians more options in the computer science field.
The ACSA responds to negative reaction from an alleged representative of Iran's Government
(more...)  Sampled reaction leads to feeling Iran's government rejects the concept of peaceful coexistence.

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